Snorkeling in México’s Cenotes

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By Mike Vondruska

Snorkeling in México's Cenotes

A Travel Tip – 
With thousands of really cool cenotes located throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, a trip to that region of México is really not complete without carving out some vacation time to jump in and swim in its usually very clear waters.

With mask and snorkel, this underwater wonderland can come to life by clearly being able to view the many fish who live in these cenotes.

In some of the cenote entrances, masks, fins, and snorkels can be rented for use.

However, the tip I would like to give you is this.
If you are planning to go explore several cenotes, then why not first make a stop at a Walmart, Chedraui, or a sports store after you arrive in México and purchase a mask and snorkel (and if you want, fins too).

In this way, you do not have to rent this equipment each time you enter a cenote. By purchasing your own, it may save you a few pesos.

Another plus is that you can also use your newly bought gear for underwater viewing to go snorkeling over the beautiful Caribbean coral reefs.

Sure, snorkel tour companies usually provide this equipment, but maybe the masks might be older or maybe they don’t have the right size mask to fit you. This especially might be true with your kids because of their smaller faces.

By having your own equipment, you don’t have to worry about a mask leaking as you enjoy observing the creatures and coral below you.

Happy snorkeling in México!

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