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1.  One of our Advertised Tours
Please fill out all the boxes below with your information. Make sure to let us know the name of the tour you would like to go on, which advertised departure date you would like to make a reservation for, and how many adults and kids (under 18) will be traveling with you. If our tour page does not list departure dates, then let us know when you would like to go. We will contact you to confirm availability.
2.  Private Tour
If you would like to go on one of our advertised tours but the departure dates we have listed do not fit into your vacation schedule, you can still request that tour with your preferred departure date. Also, please let us know how many adults and how many kids (under 18) will be in your group. We will then check our availability and contact you.
3.  Custom Designed Tour
We would love to help you create a special México exploration vacation based on your interests, number of vacation days, and budget.  Please call us or fill in the contact information boxes below. In the Additional Notes box, please include as many specific details about where you would like to visit, what you would like to experience, how many people will be in your group, and when you would like to go. Also, don’t forget to let us know the total number of days you would like your trip to be.
Once we receive your information, we will call you to briefly discuss your ideas you sent us. After our brief phone conversation, if you are satisfied that we will be able to help you, we will then send you an invoice which we call our Trip Creation Fee. We charge $100 USD which is non-refundable.
Note: Once you are satisfied with your custom designed tour, we will require a $350 USD per person deposit. Then 60 days prior to the start of your trip, your balance will be due.
THE GOOD NEWS is that we will credit your $100 Trip Creation Fee toward the balance due.
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+1 (630) 274-5341 (Worldwide)
+1 (815) 715-3650 (Text / Whatsapp)
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