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Tour Reservations

How do I reserve a tour?
For tours with advertised trip dates, soon you will be able to make a reservation on our website directly. For now, please fill out our Tour Request Form

If you see a tour you like but our advertised trip dates don't fit your vacation travel times, please call us, email, or fill out our Tour Request Form. We will check our availability for your requested dates and get back with you.

For tours with no advertised trip dates, please call, email us, or fill out our Tour Request Form.

For custom designed trips, please call, email us, or fill out our Contact Us Form. We will be happy to help you create a memorable and enjoyable Mexico exploration vacation.

How much is the deposit and when do I pay in full?
A deposit of $350 USD per person is due when you submit your reservation.

Full payment is due 60 days prior to the first day of the trip.

Payments made within 30 days of the trip need to be in the form of a direct bank deposit or credit card.

What is you cancellation policy?
A cancellation must be made in writing. The date that we receive the letter/email determines the cancellation charge applicable.

Cancellation fees per person per trip are as follows:

Days Prior to Departure & Fees

91 or more daysDeposit Refunded
61-90 daysDeposit
31-60 days50% of Total Tour Cost
0-30 days100% of Total Tour Cost

Do your tours include airfare to and from the arrival & departure cities?
Travelers arrive from all over the world to begin our tours and it is not possible to include international airfare in our prices.

What are your Terms & Conditions?
See our Terms & Conditions.

Does your tour price include any kind of trip insurance?
No. It is Strongly Recommended That You Purchase Trip Interruption & Travel Medical Insurance from a reputable travel insurance company.

What types of rooms are available?
Our tour prices are based on 2 adults per room with one or two double beds. Queen or king-size beds may replace double beds if the hotel has them. At some hotels, you may have a room with 2 twin beds.

Your can request a private single room by paying the additional Single Supplement Fee listed for each of our tours.

Some hotels in Mexico do have rooms with 3 beds but not all. These rooms may have 3 double beds or 2 doubles with 1 twin bed or a pull-out couch. If you have an interest in reserving a room with 3 beds, please contact us and we will see if that could be arranged for the trip you have chosen.

Note: All of the hotels we use on our tours do not provide the option of having a rollaway bed put in your room.

If I am a solo traveler, can I share a room with another person?
We will assign 2 solo travelers of the same gender if available in a shared room with 2 beds at no additional charge. If there is not another solo traveler to share a room on your trip, you will have the option of reserving a private room for our additional Single Supplement Fee.

What is a Single Supplement?
If you are a solo traveler and would like a private room for the duration of your trip, you can add the Single Supplement Fee listed for each of our tours.

Pre-Tour Information

What travel documents are required?
United States citizens will need a passport which is valid for at least six months from the last day of your tour.

Please note that the US government currently has a waiting time of up to 11 or more weeks to receive your new passport or renew your existing one by mail. If you need to receive it sooner, you can "Expedite" the process.

Go here for the most current information -

If flying into Mexico from the USA, you will receive a visa card (Tourist Visa) for a period of time up to 180 days as part of your airfare ticket price.

If driving into Mexico, you will be required to secure a "Tourist Visa" by registering at the border and paying a fee for your visa which will be valid for a period of time up to 180 days.

Non-USA citizens, please check with your local Mexican Consulate and your official government website for any further restrictions and requirements for entering and leaving Mexico.

Do I need covid-19 shots or any other shots to enter and exit Mexico?

Our tour company does not require proof of having any covid-19 related shots. That decision is totally up to you. We trust that you will monitor your health prior to touring with us and will make the right last minute decision as to if you should join the tour or not.

At this time the Mexican government is not requiring any proof of covid-19 vaccinations to enter their country.

For travel guests arriving from other countries, please check with your country's official government website for their most updated international travel information and restrictions (if any) regarding these current viruses.

What happens if I become ill during my tour?
Whether it is from a current virus, something you ate, or any number of reasons, getting sick while on vacation can happen to anyone. Throughout Mexico, there are pharmacies for purchasing over-the counter drugs.

If a medical person is required, in many cases your host guide can make arrangements for a doctor to come to the hotel your group will be staying at to diagnose your ailment and if needed, prescribe helpful medicines. If necessary, your host guide can bring you to a medical office/hospital for treatment.

Of course you will be responsible for these out-of-pocket expenses for any medical services received which is a good reason why you might want to consider obtaining trip interruption and medical insurance prior to your trip departure.

What should I pack?
We highly recommend that you only bring a carry-on bag and a day backpack for our tours. If you pack smart, you will be able to fit everything you need for your tour in one carry-on roller bag or carry-on backpack plus your smaller daypack.

Here are some ideas for packing what you will wear each day.
- Lay everything out on your bed that you think you will want to bring.
- Match up outfits that go together and can be used with other outfits.
- Pack the clothes you need for 4 or 5 outfits.
- Put the rest of the clothes on your bed back in your closet or drawers.

During Your Tour

What is a typical day like on your tours?
Our tours are active tours . . . some more than others. Check the details of the tour you are interested in going on to determine if it is right for you.

Much of the central regions of Mexico are at a high altitude. Until you become acclimated, you might find yourself breathing heavy in the thinner air.

On our tours, you may be standing and walking from 2-5 hours each day. Be prepared to be on your feet.

What are the hotels like on your tours?
The hotels we use for our tours are almost always located right in the main section of the cities and towns you will be visiting.

In the hotel “Star” rating system, they will range from 2-4 stars depending on the location and the hotels which are located there.

Of course the larger cities will usually have fancier hotels. In smaller towns, they will most likely be more basic.

For more information, go to Accommodations

Can you tell me more about the meals on your tours?
All breakfasts and most lunches are included in your tour package. Breakfast may be at your hotel restaurant or at a typical nearby restaurant.

Lunch is usually at a typical local restaurant and on occasion, may be a boxed lunch eaten while traveling to your next destination.

We love to give our travel guests time in the evening to explore on their own and have dinner at a restaurant of their own choosing. Our host guide leading your tour can give you ideas of where to go.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
We will work with the restaurants we eat at to have them create (as best as possible) a meal to fit your specifications. There are no guarantees.

However, we will do the best we can to accommodate your requests.

I speak very little or no Spanish. Is that OK?
Most of the local people you encounter during our tours will not know English. Even at your hotel reception desk, there may be employees who do not speak English. In most instances, they will only know Spanish or in some cases, only their indigenous language.

Our recommendation is to learn some basic Spanish words & phrases before you travel with us. That being said, your Spanish/English speaking host guide will be able to help you translate during your tour and may even teach you a few handy phrases to know.

Will there be places to wash my clothes while on tour?
Yes. Usually there are places nearby your hotel that will wash, dry, and fold your clothes for a nominal fee. For an additional charge, some also offer to iron your clothes. The turnaround time is usually one day.

On most of our tours, you will be staying 2 or more nights at the same accommodations so you will have time to have your clothes washed. For smaller clothing items, you can always wash them in your hotel sink & hang them in your room to dry.

What's the deal with tipping during your tours?
Tips for your host guide, all specialty guides, your driver, and all the group meals you have with your host guide are all included in your tour.

Please do not tip more.

For the meals you will have on your own, the typical tip amount is 10-15%.

Do I need to exchange my money into Mexican Pesos?
Restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and other locations on our tours usually do not except US, Canadian, or any other foreign currencies.

In most cities and towns in Mexico, there are ATM machines and locations to exchange your currency for Mexican pesos. Some of the larger hotels we use in the bigger cities may also exchange a limited amount of US or Canadian dollars.

Another thing to know is that not all places accept credit cards or if they do, they may not accept credit cards from a non-Mexican bank. The good news is that many larger restaurants and most larger pharmacies in bigger towns and cities will accept major cards from foreign banks.

However, just in case, a good rule of thumb in Mexico is to remember that . . . Cash is King!

How much money will I need?
Since your breakfasts, most lunches, your entrance fees to all the places you visit, and tips for your guide(s) and driver are all already included in your tour price, you will just need cash for your dinners, any alcoholic drinks, snacks, souvenirs, and any other personal items you may require during your tour.

A good idea is to take out small amounts of money during your tour as you need more from ATMs. In that way you can monitor how much you may need so you will not be left with a lot of extra pesos in your wallet at the end of your tour.

How do I charge my electronic devises?
Mexico uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity, the same as the United States and Canada. Outlets are typically either 2 or 3 pronged flat type so US and Canadian travelers will not need a converter or adaptor.

If your electronic device has a third prong, we suggest you bring a 3 prong to 2 prong adaptor since some of the older hotels still only have 2 prong outlets.

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