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Meet Mike Vondruska

Founder & Director of Tour Operations
Originally from Illinois, Mike Vondruska has become a leading authority on México exploration travel.

Each year since the turn of this century, he has carved out time to explore the many different regions of this fascinating country to get to know these areas and to learn about its history, traditions, and cultures.

Mike has explored its ancient ruins sites, visited its colonial cities, wandered through its rural markets, met with many of its indigenous people, hiked its mountain & jungle trails, snorkeled over its coral reefs, rafted it’s rivers, soaked up information at its museums, learned about its regional foods, and has attended many of its lively festivals.

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During his travels Mike would meet the local guides, experience their tours, and inspect the hotels and restaurants in the area. From gathering all this information he would select the best and then network with them to create excellent multi-day tours with their help.

From his ever-increasing knowledge of México, in 2007 he officially opened up his tour company to host intrepid travelers from around the world to experience the wonders of México.

Through his list of exploration tours on this website, as well as his original website,, his travel channel on Youtube, MEXICO with Mike Vondruska, networking with travel resellers, and giving presentations about exploring Mexico, he has attracted people who are interested in visiting what he calls, Exploring The Other 99% of México.

FYI: The remaining 1% of the country consists of the commercialized beach resort areas.

Currently, Mike and his México tour design & logistics team work together to create fun and educational guided exploration tours for Curious and Adventurous Travelers to enjoy the many regions of this most interesting country called México. 

You can reach Mike directly:

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