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Best of México Tours

When you sign up for a BEST OF MEXICO TOUR, one of our knowledgeable local guides will lead you to discovering the “Highlights” of the city or region you are exploring in México.

Some of our Highlights Tours are designed to explore an entire México state, some will showcase a major city and its surrounding area, and some are what we consider “México Road Trips” where you may get to explore several different México states. 

These trips are popular because it gives curious & adventurous travelers a nice overview of the many locations they will be visiting.

Note: We are continuing to add more locations to our roster of BEST OF MEXICO TOURS. So check back often to view our newest itineraries.

Best of Oaxaca │ Puerto Escondido to Huatulco Tour - 8 Days

Explore Puerto Escondido, Huatulco, Small Seaside Villages, and view Tropical Wildlife

A journey to southern Oaxaca along the big blue Pacific Ocean is your ticket to enjoy a fun week of tropical exploration. It’s a mix of marine wildlife tours, visiting different seaside villages, and a resort stay in Huatulco … Read More

Best of Querétaro │ Missions, Magic Towns & Mountains Tour - 11 Days

Explore Querétaro City, 6 Pueblo Mágico Towns, Franciscan Missions & the Mountainous Sierra Gorda World Biosphere Region in Querétaro State

Querétaro may be one of the smaller states in México but as you will see on this tour, is is Big on history, culture, scenic beauty, and friendly people. From the capital city to the rural countryside & mountains, this tour will showcase all the best this state has to offer … Read More

Best of México City, Toluca, Cuernavaca, Taxco & Tepoztlán Tour - 14 Days

Explore Mexico City, 7 other colonial cities & towns in 3 states, meet local artisans, visit history & art museums, archaeological ruins, the world's largest flower garden & more

On this 2 week road trip tour, we’ll explore the best of México City and also some of the other nearby interesting cities and towns. Our historian guide will lead the way to introduce us to the best of 4 different states –  Ciudad de México, Estado de México, Morelos, and Guerrero. Read More

Best of Veracruz │ History, Traditions & Ancient Ruins Tour - 7 Days

On this informative tour, we'll explore the early civilizations of this gulf coast region & also learn about the Spanish, French, and USA invasions of México through the state of Veracruz

The cultural blend of Spanish, European, Caribbean, and African influences combined with the customs of the indigenous people make the state of Veracruz a veritable melting pot rich in history, traditions, different cultures, music, and dance… Read More

Best of Puebla City - History, Culture & Culinary Tour - 7 Days

With a treasure trove of sites, sounds, tastes, and traditions,explore the oldest Spanish-built colonial city

This Mexico exploration tour will have you visiting the oldest library in North America, participating in a hands-on cooking class, climbing the world’s largest pyramid (by volume), venturing underground to witness a very recent and amazing discovery, and… Read More