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Best of Querétaro's Missions, Magic Towns & Mountains Tour

11 Days/10 Nights to Explore Querétaro City, 6 Pueblo Mágico Towns, Franciscan Missions & Travel through the Mountainous Sierra Gorda World Biosphere Region of the State

Querétaro may be one of the smaller states in México but as you will see on this tour, is is Big on history, culture, scenic beauty, and friendly people. From the capital city to the rural countryside, this tour will showcase all the best this state has to offer… Read More

Best of México City, Toluca, Cuernavaca, Taxco, Tepoztlán

14 Day/13 Night Small Group Tour to Visit 8 Colonial Cities & Towns, Artisans, Museums, Ancient City Ruins, a México National Park, the World's Largest Flower Garden & more

On this 2 week journey through the Mexican states of Ciudad de México, Estado de México, Morelos & Guerrero, our historian guide will lead us on a discovery tour to learn about the history and the cultures of this central region of México… Read More

Cortés & The Spanish Conquest of México Tour

10 Day/9 Night “Journey into History” Tour to Retrace the Route of Hernán Cortés & his Men from the Gulf Coast to the Mighty Aztec Capital City

This educational tour was created for Professors, Teachers, Students of History & for History Buffs! It is a 10 day discovery to actually see the places Hernán Cortés and his men saw in 1519 as they traversed the 250 miles from the gulf coast of present day Veracruz to Tenochtitlán; now México City… Read More