Almost 1/3 of México’s largest state has canyons and mountain terrain. Copper Canyon (Las Barrancas del Cobre) actually comprises multiple canyons which cover some 25,000 square miles. If combining these many canyon area together, Chihuahua can boast that their canyon region is 4 times larger than Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

The Sierra Madre Occidental mountains also run through the state. This range of mountains is just the southern extension of the Rocky Mountains found in the US.

The indigenous people who live in these canyon and mountain regions are the Rarámuris. They are also known as great long distance runners. Sections of the Chihuahuan Desert also extends into Chihuahua’s eastern and southeastern regions extending from the US to the north.

Another interesting thing to know is that in and around the city of Cuauhtémoc, there are about 50,000 Mennonites who live and work there. With their native language being German and many having blond hair and blue eyes, the Mennonites definitely are an interesting contrast to the rest of Chihuahua’s population.

Map / Quick Facts

Location: Northern Border Region

Capital City: Chihuahua City

Pueblo Mágicos
Casas Grandes

Distances from Chihuahua City to
Basaseachi – 180 mi / 290 km
Batopilas – 245 mi / 394 km
Casas Grandes – 187 mi / 300 km
Ciudad Cuauhtemoc – 66 mi / 106 km
Creel – 160 mi / 258 km
Divisidero – 243 mi / 390 km

El Fuerte, SIN – 535 mi / 860 km
Los Mochis, SIN – 154 mi / 248 km

Nearest Airports from Chihuahua City
Chihuahua International Airport CUU
9 miles / 15 km

Weather for Chihuahua City
Jan                High 60s / Low 30s
Feb-Mar      High 70s / Low 40s
Apr                High 80s / Low 50s
May               High 80s / Low 60s
Jun                High 90s / Low 60s
July-Sept    High 80s / 60s
Oct                 High 80s / 60s
Nov                High 70s / 40s
Dec                High 60s / 40s


Rarámuri Girls

Lake Arareco