Even though this is the smallest state in México, the state of Tlaxcala played a very big role in drastically changing the face of the country in the early 1500’s. This was in the time period when the Spaniards arrived.

After the fierce warriors in Tlaxcala fought and almost defeated Cortés and his men, there was a truce and then an alliance to work together to defeat the Aztecs. This was pivotal in shaping the history of this region. The Tlaxcaltecas provided the Spanish with thousands of fighters to help wipe out the vast Aztec empire which ruled over much of the country at that time.

In the government palace located in the city of Tlaxcala (the state capital) there is a rather large colorful mural depicting its history. Also in the downtown area, visitors can find many 16th century buildings and a bull ring stadium.

To the east of Tlaxcala city, there are about 40 bull breeding ranches. Some of them allow visitors to enter to see their operation. In fact, in August of each year, there is a day when they do let a dozen bulls run loose in the streets of Haumantla, a Pueblo Mágico town. Then hundreds of people run and try not to get trampled or gored by them. What fun?!

There is also a rather interesting natural phenomena which occurs each summer in this state. For some reason, thousands of fireflies live in certain forests. At night when they light up, it is a spectacular sight to experience.

Map / Quick Facts

Location: Central Region

Capital City: Tlaxcala

Pueblo Magicos

Distances from Tlaxcala City to
Apizaco – 13 mi / 21 km
Huamantla – 29 mi / 47 km
Tlaxco – 27 mi / 44 km
Puebla, PUE – 23 mi / 37 km
México City, CDMX – 75 mi / 120
Teotihuacán, EDOMEX – 77 mi / 124 km
Zacatlán, PUE – 59 mi / 95 km
Xalapa, VER – 110 mi / 177 km

Nearest Airports from Tlaxcala City to
Puebla International Airport PBC
11 mi / 18 km

México City International Airport MEX
60 mi / 95 km

Weather in Tlaxcala City
Jan High 60s / Low 40s
Feb-Mar High 70s / Low 40s
Apr-Oct High 70s / Low 50s
Nov-Dec High 70s / Low 40s



Easter Week

Tlaxcala City
Saturday Market

Restored Hacienda

Huamantla Festival

Outdoor Restaurant in Tlaxcala City