How to Pack

How to Pack


You will be in charge for carrying your own luggage in and out of your tour vehicle and possibly up and down one or more flights of stairs at your hotel. Some of the hotels we use have elevators and some may not.

We highly Recommend that you only Bring a Carry-On Bag and a Day Backpack when coming on our tours.

If you pack smart, you will be able to fit everything you need for your tour in one carry-on roller bag or carry-on backpack plus your smaller daypack.

Note: You can hand-wash your undies in your hotel room sink and/or pay a few pesos to have your dirty clothes washed and folded for you during the daytime while you are touring.

So Please . . . Resist the Temptation to Bring a Big Suitcase that you have to check-in on your flight. Your back will love you if it comes down to having to haul that big case up and down stairs and over uneven pavement and sidewalks.

Good Rules to Follow When Packing What You Will Wear Each Day 
– Lay everything out on your bed that you think you will want to bring.
– Match up outfits that go together and can be used with other outfits.
– Pack the clothes you need for 4 or 5 outfits.
– Put the rest of the clothes on your bed back in your closet or drawers.


As we mentioned above, you can hand wash your small items in the hotel sink or have them washed, dried, and folded at a Lavanderia. Some even have a service to iron them for a few pesos more.

On most of our tours, you will be staying 2 or more nights at the same accommodations so you will have time to have your clothes washed. They usually have them done by the next day. Plus you will be helping to support a small local business (Lavanderia) while you are in México.

What If I Forgot Something?

Pharmacies can be found everywhere in México. If you forgot to bring your Crest toothpaste, you can buy a new tube at a farmácia/pharmacy. Need some aspirin? The farmácia has it.

Forgot your swim suit. Suntan lotion. Flip flops. You can buy these items at a store there. No problem.

Want a late night snack or a soda? There are 24/7 convenience stores in most towns and cities.

The battery in your watch died? There are watch repair shops where a knowledgeable person can install a new one.

Need to get another memory card for your camera? There are camera stores and other bigger stores with camera departments.

You can buy just about anything you forgot or need in most towns and cities in México. Your host guide can steer you in the right direction.