Because the location was roughly the half-way point between the port of Veracruz where ships from Europe docked and México City, the Spaniards built the city of Puebla. It became the very first city constructed by them from scratch as compared to what they usually did which was to build over the ruins of a conquered existing city.

Today, travelers to this state capital city can explore its diverse museums, colonial architecture, the oldest library in the Americas, and even hidden underground tunnel passageways.

In other regions of Puebla state, visitors can discover its deep canyons, waterfalls, hot springs, and ancient city ruins sites. At one of these ancient sites, you can view the world’s largest pyramid by volume in the town of Cholula.

Several hours south of the city, travelers will find themselves in a vast region of cactus; as far as the eye can see. Because of this and also the large population of animals and plant species in this region, it has been designated as ecological conservation biosphere reserve.

Map / Quick Facts

Location: Central Region

Capital City: Puebla City

Pueblo Magicos
Tetela de Ocampo

Distances from Puebla City to
Cuetzalan – 110 mi / 132 km
Zacatlán – 82 mi / 132 km
Pahuatlán – 123 mi / 198 km
Chignahuapan – 74 mi / 119 km
Cholula – 9 mi / 14 km
Tlatlauquitepec – 84 mi / 135 km
Xicotepec – 113 mi / 182 km
Atlixco – 20 mi / 31 km
Huauchinango – 101 mi / 162 km

Cuernavaca, MOR – 97 mi / 155 km
México City, CDMX – 81 mi / 130 km
Oaxaca, OAX – 168 mi / 270 km
Tlaxcala, TLAX – 25 mi / 40 km
Veracruz, VER – 171 mi / 275 km
Xalapa, VER – 108 mi / 173 km

Nearest Airports from Puebla City
Puebla International Airport PBC
5 mi / 8 km

México City International Airport MEX
77 mi / 124 km

Weather in Puebla City
Jan-Apr High 70s / Low 40s
May-Sep High 70s / Low 50s
Oct-Dec High 70s / Low 40s


Cactus Biosphere Reserve

Tile Mural - Zacatlán

Talavera Ceramics - Video