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Mike's México Travel Talks

Exploring the Other 99% of Mexico

Mike Vondruska will be the first to admit that while growing up in the Midwest USA, he didn’t really learn anything about México during his student years from elementary through high school.

If you think back to your school days, perhaps you can relate as well to not learning much at all about the country of México.

Mike believes that many people who live in the USA or Canada pretty much just think of México as a place to have margaritas on the beach at a nice ocean resort hotel in Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and at a few other well known Mexican beach resort locations.

The type of people who book a vacation package deal to these beach resort locations could be categorized as Pleasure Seekers or Tourists. Their main reasons for going to México are to just have fun and relax. To them it is a Getaway Vacation from their normal daily routine back at home. It is not really a trip to get to know the country of México.

Interestingly, if you add up the land mass of all these popular advertised beach resort locations in México, they total a whopping 1% of the entire land mass of that country.

So the question Mike attempts to answer in his México Travel Presentation is –

What is there to see, do, and experience by exploring the other 99% of this large Latin American country called, México.

Mike Vondruska knows the answer because he has been traveling to México each year since the turn of the century to explore the various regions of this most interesting history-rich and geographically diverse country.

Here are Mike’s Outline of Topics
•  Geographic Diversity of México
•  Brief History of México
•  Indigenous People of México
•  Colonial Cities / Pueblo Mágicos
•  Things to Know Before You Go
•  15 Interesting Places to See & Things to Do
•  Mike’s Personal Travel Stories
•  Time for Q&A

Through his personal travel stories and knowledge of the many regions of México, Mike will entertain as well as give you more insights as to what you can see, do, and experience when traveling to Explore the Other 99% of México.

Exploration Travel awakens our curiosity & adventurous spirit.

Great travel experiences bring vivid memories which can live on inside you for years to come

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