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Querétaro is not a big state but it sure does have a vast variety of places to visit. There are wineries, places that make cheese, large underground caves, artisans who make colorful cute dolls, and even a giant monolith to climb.

In addition, travelers who venture to the eastern portion of this state will have to traverse hilly and winding roads through the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. As a perspective, this region of Querétaro is somewhat similar to the Smokey Mountains located in the eastern region of the United States.

The capital city (by the same name as the state) is dotted with several very well-groomed plazas complete with fountains, and outdoor restaurants to enjoy a nice meal. A variety of historical museums to explore can fill an afternoon quite nicely. Visitors to this city can also still see the impressive elevated aqueducts built in the early 1700s. This manmade trough brought fresh drinking water from the nearby hills to the residence of the city.

Map / Quick Facts

Location: Central Region

Capital City: city of Querétaro

Pueblo Magicos
Amealco de Bonfil
Cadereyta de Montes
Jalpan de Serra
San Joaquín

Distances from Queretaro City to
Amealco de Bonfil – 48 mi / 76 km
Bernal – 38 mi / 60 km
Cadereyta de Montes – 46 mi / 73 km
Jalpan de Serra – 115 mi / 185 km
Tequisquiapan – 40 mi / 63 km
San Joaquín – 87 mi / 140 km

San Miguel de Allende, GTO – 41 mi / 65 km
Guanajuato, GTO – 93 mi / 150 km
México City, CDMX – 137 mi / 220 km
Morelia, MICH – 120 mi / 192 km
San Luis Potosí, SLP – 131 mi / 211 km

Nearest Airports from Queretaro City
Querétaro International Airport QRO
16 mi / 26 km

Morelia International Airport MLM
66 mi / 106 km

Bajío International Airport BJX
(Leon/Guanajuato Airport)
90 mi / 145 km

México City International Airport MEX
77 mi / 124 km

Weather in Puebla City
Jan-Mar High 70s / Low 40s
Apr-Jun High 80s / Low 50s
Jul-Oct High 70s / Low 50s
Nov-Dec High 70s / Low 40s


Misión de Santiago - Jalpan

Bernal Monolith

Otomí Lunch - Video