This northern border state is most known for its coastal resort cities with the two prominent being Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) and San Carlos. Dining at nice restaurants, enjoying local cantinas, and just relaxing on the beach are its main attractions.

For more adventurous folks, there are boat trips to explore some of the bays and inlets found nearby in the Sea of Cortés as well as participating in a variety of water sports.

Traveling inland, visitors can encounter semiarid, desert, and mountain topography. 

Map / Quick Facts

Location: Northern Border Region

Capital City: Hermosillo

Pueblo Magicos
Magdalena de Kino

Distances from Hermosillo to
Álamos – 232 mi / 374 km
Ciudad Obregón – 156 mi / 251 km
Guaymas – 85 mi / 137 km
Magdalena de Kino – 117 mi / 189 km
Narojoa – 200 mi / 322 km
Nogales – 200 mi / 322 km
Puerto Peñasco – 281 mi / 453 km

Nearest Airports from Hermosillo
Hermosillo International Airport HMO
5 mi / 7 km

Guymas International Airport GYM
79 mi / 127 km

Ciudad Obregón International Airport CEN
138 mi / 221 km

Weather in Hermosillo
Jan-Feb High 70s / Low 40s
Mar High 80s / Low 50s
Apr High 90s / Low 50s
May High 90s / Low 60s
Jun-Sep High 100s / Low 70s
Oct High 90s / 60s
Nov High 80s / Low 50s
Dec High 70s / 40s



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Sonoran Desert

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