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México Festivals & Specialty Tours

Lively and colorful festivals happen all over the country of México. The people of this Latin American country love to party and YOU are invited to join in on the fun!

In addition, we have listed what we call “Specialty Tours” which are based around segments of México history. So if you have an interest in digging into México’s past, then check out our history tours.

FYI – Maybe you have a specific interest or hobby such as birding, food, photography, or Spanish language learning . . . you get the idea . . . just contact us and we will help you create a custom México tour with your interest or hobby as the main focus. Contact Us

Oaxaca City │ Day of the Dead Celebration Tour - 7 Days

Experience México’s Annual National Celebration – Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead with lively parades, traditions, and cemetery visits. Also visit artisans, archaeological ruins, and eat some delicious Oaxaca food

Experience this annual festive yet somber celebration where Mexicans all throughout México honor their family members who have passed on. This Mexican National Holiday is a jumbled mix of color, craziness, music, remembrance, tranquility, dancing, art, parades, and wild costumes… Read More

History Tour │ Cortés & The Spanish Conquest of México - 10 Days

Join us on this "Journey into History" tour to retrace the route of Hernán Cortés & his men from the gulf coast of Veracruz to the mighty Aztec capital city

This educational tour was created for Professors, Teachers, Students of History & for History Buffs! It is a 10 day discovery to actually visit the places Hernán Cortés and his men saw in 1519 as they traversed the 250 miles from present day Veracruz to Tenochtitlán/now México City… Read More

Veracruz │ History of African Influences Tour - 7 Days

This is an educational tour to study the African influences from the Spanish conquest until present day in the state of Veracruz

On this fun and informative history tour, we will journey to the tropical gulf coast of Veracruz to learn about the history of the Afro-Mexicans; from their arrival as enslaved workers for the Spaniards to how they have influenced the culture in Veracruz and other areas of MéxicoRead More

Veracruz │ History, Traditions & Ancient Ruins Tour - 7 Days

On this informative tour, we'll explore the early civilizations of this gulf coast region of México & also learn about the Spanish invasion history in the state of Veracruz

The cultural blend of Spanish, European, Caribbean, and African influences combined with the customs of the indigenous people make the state of Veracruz a veritable melting pot rich in history, traditions, different cultures, music, and dance… Read More