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Quintana Roo

The Mexican state of Quintana Roo might be more recognizable to many as México’s Caribbean Coast. From north to south, it is 260 miles / 420 km of land hugging the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The coastal cities of Cancún, Puerto MorelosPlaya del Carmen, CozumelTulum, and Bacalar all claim this state as their home.

Cancún was a planned resort beach destination. Prior to all the hotels being built, this area was mostly just a remote sandy coastal region where pretty much no one lived. The word, Cancún means a nest of snakes. There were about 50 different species of snakes who inhabited this area with a couple of them being deadly to humans. Of course, today you will not see any of these slithery creatures as their natural home was drastically altered by all the commercial infrastructure created for tourists.

A “plus” in this region is that with the construction of all the modern highways and roads, most of this state is easily drivable in a rental car.

Quintana Roo is now home to many manmade tourist attractions likened to theme parks as well as ones of the natural kind. Many cenotes, jungle reserves to spot monkeys, off-shore coral reefs, and scores of white sand beaches make this state the most populated with foreign and domestic visitors in the country each year.

Map / Quick Facts

Location: Yucatán Peninsula

Capital City: Chetumal

Pueblo Magicos
Isla Mujeres

Distances from Cancun to
Bacalar – 215 mi / 346 km
Chetumal – 240 mi / 385 km
Cobá – 84 mi / 135 km
Isla Mujeres – 21 mi / 36 km
Playa del Carmen – 34 mi / 69 km
Puerto Morelos – 25 mi / 40 km
Tulum – 78 mi / 125 km

Belize City, BZ – 325 mi / 522
Campeche City, CAMP – 301 mi / 484 km
Chichen Itza – 189 mi / 303 km
Chiquila / Holbox – 87 mi / 140 km
add 20 minute ferry ride
Izamal – 158 mi / 254 km
Mérida – 189 mi / 303 km
Valladolid – 98 mi / 157 km

Nearest Airports from Queretaro City
Cancún International Airport CAN
10 mi / 16 km

Cozumel International Airport CZM
46 mi / 73 km

Mérida International Airport MID
183 mi / 294 km

Chetumal International Airport CTM
209 mi / 336 km

Weather in Cancun
Jan High 70s / Low 60s
Feb-Mar High 80s / Low 60s
Apr-Nov High 80s / Low 70s
Nov-Dec High 70s / Low 60s



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San Felipe Fort, Bacalar

Cancún Hotel Zone