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Since 2007, we have hosted hundreds of curious and adventurous travel guests on our guided small group exploration tours to discover the different regions of Mexico. Many of them were clients of travel advisors, from other tour companies, travel bloggers & vloggers , and private groups & organizations.

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YOU book the Sun & Sand Resort places and let US help you book the rest of México.
We are confident your clients will enjoy discovering Mexico’s rich history, many cultures, outdoor adventure opportunities, and all of its captivating natural geographic beauty.
We can help you with FITs and small group tours to explore all the wonders the country of Mexico has to offer. Net and commissionable rates are available.
Want to talk? Then call, email, or scroll down to fill our Reseller Interest Form below. ↓

If you have an interest in expanding your tour offerings to include more regions of Mexico, we are here to help.
Net and commissionable rates are available.
To explore the possibilities of networking together, call, email, or scroll down to fill out our Reseller Interest Form below. ↓

Do you have a fair-sized following and have you introduced travel information about Mexico in the past?
If so, then you may have an interest in possibly sponsoring and promoting a special exploration tour to your subscribers and followers.
It would be good PR for you if you were to advertise that they will be able to hang out with you on this tour.
We can provide all the tour logistics for you, including a local host guide to lead your group.
Book 10 people on the tour and your tour package will be free (excluding airfare).
To discuss the possibilities, just call, email, or scroll down to fill out our Reseller Interest Form below. ↓

Are you one of those “go-getters” who likes to organize small groups to do things together. If so, then why not let us assist you in creating a Mexico exploration tour which you can promote to your group of friends, family, co-workers, or special interest groups.
There are countless possibilities for different kinds of tours we can help you design and promote.
Book 10 people on the tour and your tour package will be free (excluding airfare).
Give us a holler – call, email or scroll down to fill out our Reseller Interest Form below. ↓

Cultural Immersion Experiences

Travelers who prefer to interact with the local people in their natural surroundings where heavy commercialized foreign tourism is pretty much non-existent. 

Exciting Outdoor Adventure Activities

You know the type; enthusiasts of whitewater river rafting, ziplining, kayaking, biking, hiking, rappelling, scuba diving … there are so many possibilities for outdoor fun in México.

Family Adventure Vacations

Parents who want to enjoy outdoor family fun activities with their children and also introduce them to a different culture without having to travel half a world away to another continent.

People Who Love Everything about México!

These travelers just love the friendly people of México, their colorful traditional festivals, great regional foods, centuries-old cities, its many indigenous cultures, and outdoor diverse vastness with its wildlife and plant inhabitants.  

They have probably already been to some of the many regions found in México and are now looking for other interesting locations to explore.

Or maybe they have already been to one or more of the well-known beach resorts and now would like to venture outside those comfort-zone confines and experience what México is really like. 

Best of Mexico Tours
To visit the main highlights of the places on their itinerary.

Best of Mexico Tours & Beach Vacation
It’s a combination of a highlights tour & a few days of R&R at a beach location.

Back Roads of Mexico Tours
Tours to visit the lessor-known and more rural areas where they can enjoy the countryside. They may also have the opportunity to meet some of  the people who live there.

Mexico Active Adventure Tours
These tours are all about active but not extreme adventures. They are for people who love participating in outdoor activities. These tours are also popular for families with kids, ages 10 and older. We call them, “Family Togetherness Tours.” 

Mexico Festivals & Specialty Tours
These are tours that showcase the history and traditions of Mexico. Some of our tours may also specialize in specific events which take place each year such as experiencing a Day of the Dead Celebration or viewing wildlife migrations – whales, birds & monarch butterflies.

We can also create Custom Designed Tours for your intrepid traveler clients and groups based on their interests, time frame, and budget.

We are here to serve and help you by providing all the promotional materials you deem necessary to entice your clients to come on one of our exciting advertised tours or to help create a custom trip just for them.

And yes, of course there are commissions on our online advertised tours and for custom designed tours, we provide net rates

Scroll down ↓ to fill our our Reseller Interest Form to start a conversation.


From time to time, we may set up what we call, EPP Fam Trips (Experience, Promote & Profit Fam Trips).
Note: These are not structured like most of the other fams you have been on.

On our EPP Fams, there will be no wining & dining. Instead, you will work to learn the itinerary and the history behind each location. Also, during your trip, you will be asked to promote the tour to your clients through written word & video clips (social media). In other words, you will not experience the tour as your guests would experience it.
Instead, you will experience the tour through the eyes of a travel promoter and reseller.  ← Hey, that’s you!

So please don’t think that this will be a nice “relaxing vacation” for you. We are going to work together to develop a business relationship with the end goal of mutually being profitable now and in the future by providing interesting and fun exploration tours for your curious & adventurous traveler clients.

We invite you to come & explore Mexico with us and to experience our tour itineraries first-hand.

We do not book beach hotel vacation resort packages.
We just specialize in showcasing the other 99% of Mexico.
FYI: Only 1% of the land mass of Mexico contains the popular commercialized beach resort areas.

The other 99% is filled with interesting history, art, music, festivals, old colonial cities, 150+ ancient ruins sites, many indigenous cultures, wildlife migrations, and a variety of fantastic outdoor scenery and challenging adventure activities.

We invite you to come and discover with us the many regions which are far from the Las Vegas-style Mexico you may be used to visiting and promoting.

We look forward to helping you Experience, Promote & Profit by working together to introduce to your clients / followers / subscribers / friends this most interesting country called, MEXICO.

Call, Text, Email, or scroll down ↓ to fill out our Reseller Interest Form today.

Let’s “Talk Mexico!”

Mike Vondruska

Director of Tour Operations

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