The state of Durango has been called, The Land of Scorpions because of the many species of scorpions found here. In a few restaurants in its capital city, adventurous eaters can actually order Scorpion tacos.

This México state’s other title is The Land of Cinema. From the 1950s thru the 1980s, over 140 films have been made in Durango. Many of director, John Ford’s westerns starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Clark Gable, Anthony Quinn and many others were filmed here. Durango has that iconic background scenery which works so well as a backdrop to cowboy westerns.

The average elevation found in this state is over 6,000 feet (2,000 meters) where travelers can encounter many pine forests, mountains, canyons, and even caves. Outdoor enthusiasts will love this state.

Map / Quick Facts

Location: North Central Region

Capital City: Durango

Pueblo Mágicos
Nombre de Dios

Distances from Durango City to
Nombre de Dios – 35 mi / 56 km
– 167 mi / 269 km

Mazatlán, SIN – 154 mi / 248 km
Zacatecas, ZAC – 182 mi / 293 km

Nearest Airports from Durango City
Durango International Airport DGO
11 miles / 18 km

Mazatlán International Airport MZT
118 miles / 190 km

Zacatecas International Airport ZCL
147 miles / 237 km

Jan High 70s / Low 30s
Feb-Mar High 70s / Low 40s
Apr-May High 80s / Low 50s
Jun High 90s / Low 60s
Jul-Aug High 80s / Low 60s
Sep-Oct High 80s / Low 50s
Nov High 70s / Low 40s
Dec High 70s / Low 30s


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