Several mountain ranges interspersed by narrow valleys has kept more than a dozen different indigenous tribes living in Oaxaca state isolated and therefore, their cultures and traditions more intact than many other México states. Zapotec and Mixtec make up almost 60% of the indigenous people living there. The central valley is where cities like Oaxaca City and many other smaller towns are mostly located.

The beaches along the Pacific coast of Oaxaca state have been a nice alternative to the often crowded beach resort areas found along the Caribbean coast. The two favorite destinations along the Pacific are Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. The former because of all of its bays and the latter because of the very tall waves serious surfers crave.

Map / Quick Facts

Location: Southern Region

Capital City: Oaxaca City

Pueblo Magicos
Capulálpam de Méndez
Huautla de Jimenez
San Pablo Villa de Mitla
San Pedro y San Pablo Teposcolula

Distances from Oaxaca City to
Capulálpam de Méndez - 46 mi / 73 km
Hautulco - 145 mi / 233 km
Huautla de Jimenez - 187 mi / 300 km
Mazunte - 163 mi / 262 km
Puerto Escondido - 159 mi / 255 km

Puebla, PUE - 212 mi / 341 km
México City, CDMX - 288 mi / 463 km
Tuxtla Gutierrez, CHI - 350 mi / 563 km

Distances from Huatulco to
Oaxaca City - 145 mi / 233 km
Puerto Escondido - 67 mi / 108 km
Puebla, PUE - 356 mi / 573 km
México City, CDMX - 431 mi / 693 km

Nearest Airports from Oaxaca
Oaxaca International Airport OAX
5 mi / 8 km

Puerto Escondido International Airport PXM
160 mi / 257 km

Bahia de Huatulco International Airport HUX
152 mi / 245 km

Weather in Oaxaca City
Jan High 70s / Low 50s
Feb-Mar High 80s / Low 50s
Apr-May High 80s / Low 60s
Jun-Sep High 70s / Low 60s
Sep High 80s / Low 70s
Oct-Dec High 70s / Low 50s

Weather in Huatulco & Puerto Escondido
Jan-Dec High 80s / Low 70s



Puerto Escondido

Tecolula Market

Huatulco Beach