The hotels we use for our tours are almost always located right in the main section of the cities and towns you will be visiting.

In the hotel “Star” rating system, they will range from 2-4 Stars Depending on the Location and the hotels which are located there.

Of course the larger cities will usually have fancier hotels. In smaller towns, they will most likely be more basic.

The internet connection in your hotel may be strong and sometimes it may not be. You may have a connection in your room or you may have to go to the lobby to check your messages and social media.

And on some of our tours to more rural areas, there may not be any internet and cell phone services. In our tour descriptions, you will be informed if there are areas on that trip where you may not have service.

Most of the hotels we use have air conditioning. Some may just have ceiling or floor fans. And some may have fireplaces in the cooler climates.

Almost every hotel we use does have a private bathroom in each room with a shower which may have hot water or may just have warm water.

Rooms: Our tour prices are based on 2 adults per room with one or two double beds. Queen or king-size beds may replace double beds if the hotel has them. At some hotels, you may have a room with 2 twin beds.

Solo Travelers: We will assign 2 solo travelers of the same biological gender if available in a shared room with 2 beds at no additional charge. If there is not another solo traveler to share a room on your trip, you will have the option of reserving a private room for our additional Single Supplement Fee.

Private Single Rooms: By paying the additional Single Supplement Fee listed for each of our tours, you will be guaranteed a private room for the duration of your trip.

Triple Rooms: Some hotels in Mexico do have rooms with 3 beds but not all. These rooms may have 3 double beds, 2 doubles with 1 twin bed or a pull out couch, 1 double bed with a bunkbed, or 3 single beds . Some hotels may also have rooms with 4 beds. If you have an interest in reserving a room with 3 or 4 beds, please contact us and we will see if that could be arranged for the trip you have chosen. 

Note: All of the hotels we use on our tours do not provide the option of having a rollaway bed put in your room. However, sometimes there may be a pull out couch which can be used as an added bed.