The city of Veracruz is known as the Gateway to México because of its deep water port. Even to this day, cargo ships large and small enter this busy port with foreign goods and leave with Mexican goods for export.

Because of the state’s geographic location of being wedged in between the Gulf of México to the east and the tall Sierra Madre Oriental mountains to the west, Veracruz is blessed to offers a variety of outdoor adventure activities.

This state has been called, México’s Outdoor Adventure Playground.

Nature enthusiasts will discover excellent whitewater river rating, mountain hiking, rappelling, ATV rides up and down tall sand dunes, canyon trekking, and even snorkeling and Scuba diving over nationally protected coral reefs in the gulf. The southern region of the state contains rain forest jungle areas and the same kinds of flowers, plants, and beautiful waterfalls you would see in Hawaii. The reason? Both locations are on about the same tropical latitude.

Visitors might notice that some of the people living in Veracruz state have darker skin than most other Mexicans. This is because the Spanish brought many African enslaved people to work for them in the new world and they all came through the port of Veracruz. Over the centuries, intermarriage occurred and the results can still be seen today. Because of this, Veracruz also reflects the many influences adapted from the Africans. It can be seen in the food, the type of dancing, and the music of this region.

Location: Gulf Coast Region

Capital City: Xalapa

Pueblo Magicos
Zozocolco de Hidalgo

Distances from Veracruz City to
Catemaco - 106 mi / 170 km
Coatepec - 72 mi / 116 km
Coatzacoalcos - 194 mi / 311 km
Córdoba - 69 mi / 111 km
Coscomatepec - 87 mi / 139 km
Xico - 78 mi / 125 km
Papantla - 137 mi / 220 km
Orizaba - 82 mi / 132 km
Tecolutla - 132 mi / 212 km
Xalapa - 67 mi / 108 km
Zozocolco - 176 mi / 282 km

Oaxaca, OAX - 283 mi / 455 km
Puebla, PUE - 177 mi / 284 km

Nearest Airports from Veracruz City to
Veracruz International Airport VER
8 mi / 13 km

Minatitlán / Coatzacoalcos International
Airport MTT
189 mi / 304 km

Weather in Veracruz City
Jan-Feb High 70s / Low 60s
Mar-Oct High 80s / Low 70s
Nov High 80s / Low 60s
Dec High 70s / Low 60s

Weather in Xalapa
Jan High 60s / Low 40s
Feb High 70s / Low 40s
Mar-Apr High 70s / Low 50s
May-Jun High 70s / Low 60s
Jul-Nov High 70s / Low 50s
Dec High 60s / Low 40s

African History
Where Enslaved Africans Lived

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Birding in Veracruz
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Coastal Regions North of Veracruz City
Playa Chachalacas - Popular Seaside Town
Playa Chachalacas - ATV Beach & Sand Dunes Ride
Playa Chachalacas - Snorkeling & Sand Surfing
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Los Tuxtlas Region - Southern Veracruz
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Veracruz City
Highlights Tour
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Veracruz is "México's Outdoor Adventure Playground"
Adventure Guide for the State of Veracruz
ATV Beach & Sand Dunes Ride - Playa Chachalacas
Snorkeling & Sand Surfing - Playa Chachalacas
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Western Mountain Region
Coscomatepec - Rural Mountain Market
Huatusco: Tour a Bamboo Farm
Canyon Hike & Rappel Adventure
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Xalapa - Capital City & Surrounding Area
Coatepec - Tlayudas from Oaxaca
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Rain Forest Jungle Hikes

Dancing in the Plaza - Veracruz City

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