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Meet Our Local Guides

Here are a few of our México Guides

México City, Morelos, Puebla, Yucatán Penninsula, Veracruz


Querétaro, San Luis Potosí


Zacatecas, Durango,
Aguascalientes, Sinaloa


Jalisco, Aguascalientes


San Luis Potosí,
Adventure Guide




Central Oaxaca


Veracruz, Adventure Guide


Veracruz, Birding Guide


Querétaro, Guanajuato,
San Miguel de Allende

All of Our English/Spanish Speaking Guides are from México

On most of our tours, we provide what we call a Host Guide. This is a person who will be with you for all or most of your tour. If your group consists of only a small number of travelers, they may also be your driver in a car.

In addition to being your Host Guide who can assist you with translations (reading menus, helping you to exchange money, and answering your questions, etc.) they are also professional México guides. They will be leading you on your exploration of the region or regions you will be visiting.

Depending on your tour itinerary, you may also be led by local specialty guides such as on an ATV tour, for river rafting, horse trail ride, at archaeological sites, museums, on nature walks . . .

Portions of your tour might be led by a local historian, an expert in growing orchids, coffee plants, vanilla pods, cacao (chocolate), tequila processing, or an artisan explaining his craft . . . you get the idea

A Big Plus is that Our Guides Are FUN!

They will treat you like a friend and in no time at all, you will be enjoying each others ’company.

Over and over again, many former travel guests have given glowing remarks regarding their tour guide after completing one of our México Vacation Tours.

Here are just a few comments given by our former traveler guests.

“Our superb guide shared his extensive knowledge of the culture, nature, history, and cuisine of the areas we visited.”
Ron & Susan, California USA

Throughout our 5 trips with Mexico Vacation Tours, they ALWAYS tried to please us; the customer.”
Tom & Sonja, New Jersey USA

“Thank you so much for our wonderful tour to Puebla! Your enthusiasm, knowledge, humor, smile, and kindness made this one of my most memorable guided trips ever! Gracias!
Kathleen, Washington State, USA

“We didn’t always go to the crowded tourist places. Our fun guide took us to many neat places; the more local places.” Nina & Tine, Denmark

“I had already traveled to over 70 countries so I wasn’t expecting a part of Mexico I knew nothing about to WOW me like it did! With your great local outdoor guides, I spent 2 weeks in Veracruz and was blown away by all the adventures there.
Brian, Illinois USA

“Mike Vondruska and his team custom designed a trip for us that included the artist town of San Miguel de Allende, the city of Guanajuato, two days at different monarch butterfly reserves, and a surprise trip to a charming hot springs resort. We received more then we expected or asked for. Our guide was great! This was an excellent adventure!”
Laurie & Kay, Michigan USA