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By Mike Vondruska

Up-Close Encounter with Millions of Bats in Mexico. It's Scary Cool!

Here’s a Wildlife Experience You Will Remember for a Lifetime.

Encounter millions of bats flying right past you out of a huge cavern in México.

There is a deep cavern hidden in the jungle in the southern México state of Campeche. It is not well marked. You really have to ask local people where to find it.

Those brave enough to witness this spectacular natural phenomena park their car and walk a quarter mile to the precipice of a deep ravine. Looking down, there is a gigantic opening to a cavern below.  

Every night around dusk, the inhabitants of that cavern come flying out to search for food. There are millions of them.

Millions of bats! 

Once the bats exiting the cavern, they begin their accent out of this deep ravine circling clockwise. They keep circling and circling until they reach the precipice where you and a few other brave souls are waiting and watching. 

Then, quick as can be, the bats zoom out in all directions with many flying directly at you and then past you to hunt for their evening meal. 

All you can do is stand very still and let their excellent radar sensors do their work to avoid colliding with you. 

The last time I witnessed this wildlife exodus, one of the bats actually clipped my ear. 

Yea, some fly by that close!

The curious & adventurous among you will love experiencing this event.

Most will probably freak out at the thought of bats zipping past you just inches away from your face and body.

See You in México!


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