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By Mike Vondruska

Toniná is One of the Tallest Pyramid Structures in the World

Most people have never even heard of the Toniná archaeological ruins site located in the México state of Chiapas.

The main reason is that it is inconveniently located so not a lot of people take the time to go there. On top of that, most of the tour companies in that region of México don’t even bother to include it on their itineraries because of it’s off-track location.

Of all the many archaeological ruins sites I have visited throughout the country of México (and I have explored a lot of them), this site is one of my top favorites.

Depending on what research you read, some “experts” believe that this ancient city ruins site is the tallest in the world.

So to be fair to the “other experts” who disagree, let’s just say it is in the top 3 tallest in the world.

What I do know for a fact is that it has some of the steepest steps of any pyramid I have ever climbed to get to the top. No handrails . . . just don’t look down.

In my opinion, the scary climb is worth it just to see the beautiful panoramic view of the countryside from the top.

If you are interested in going or if you are a travel reseller and have adventurous travelers in your client database list, give me a holler. My México tour design team and I can create a tour which includes this most interesting archaeological site.

México is full of surprises!

Adventure ON my friends!

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