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By Mike Vondruska

Is it Really Cool to Sleep in a Tequila Barrel?

Everyone has their own rational for wanting to spend (invest?) $200-$250 UDS per night to sleep in a barrel-shaped hotel room near the town of Tequila in Jalisco, México. This property is called, Matices Hotel de Barricas.

I am guessing these may be the top reasons for many who want to stay there.
-They have lots of money and can do whatever they want. Price is never really an issue.
-They think it would be a unique experience.
-They say it would be a unique experience. (But really, they just want to take some selfies and send them to their friends to brag and say, “Hey, Look at me! Look at me!“)

I have been there to inspect them but did not overnight there. Basically there are a few rows of them . . . sort of like small 1 story, 1 bedroom apartments. Kind of like small barracks all in a row.

Personally, I did not feel any special emotions . . . like “Wow! These are really cool!

I looked at them as overpriced small 1 story, 1 room hotels. I thought their “saving grace” was that these barrel rooms are adjacent to a really cool restaurant built underground called, Taberna del Cofrade.  You should know that you can eat at the restaurant without having to stay in a barrel.

I also know very well that my tastes in accommodations are not necessarily the “tastes” of everyone else. But unless some of our travel guests specifically ask to stay there, I don’t see the point in including one or more nights in these $200+ cutesy barrel rooms.

The money saved by staying at one of the other properties in the town could either remain in the pockets of our travel guests or be used to enjoy other experiences in this region of México known as, Tierra del Tequila.

That’s just my opinion. What say you? Do you think it would be fun to stay there or not?

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