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By Mike Vondruska

Veracruz State - México's Outdoor Adventure Playground

Veracruz state in México is known for its great variety of active outdoor adventures. That’s why they call it, México’s Outdoor Adventure Playground

Here are 20 different ways you can “play” in the state of Veracruz.

– High altitude mountain hiking
– Scuba/Snorkeling over protected coral reefs
– Whitewater river rafting
– ATV rides over tall sand dunes
– Rain forest jungle hiking
– Exploring mangrove estuaries
– Sandboard surfing
– Ocean sport fishing
– Kayaking – lake, river, ocean
– Standup paddleboarding
– Banana boat rides
– Rappelling
– Ziplining
– Canyoneering
– Horse trail rides
– Walking over a Tibet bridge
– Waterfall jumping
– Swimming under tropical waterfalls
– Swimming in the Gulf of México
– Wildlife viewing

Here are some Quick Facts about the state of Veracruz.

I created for you an Outdoor Adventures Video Travel Guide for the state of Veracruz

For outdoor adventure enthusiasts, the México state of Veracruz is the place to be. 

You are welcome to view the information about our 10 day Multi-Sport Adventure Tour – Veracruz Mexico.

Adventure ON my friends!

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