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By Mike Vondruska

Taco Bell Restaurants Have Been Successful in 30 Countries - But Not in México

TACO BELL has already tried several times to establish themselves in México but each time they failed to entice Mexicans to eat their food.

The Americanized version of “tacos” were more expensive and not as tasty as the fresh tacos that can be eaten just about 24/7 all throughout the country.

The food Taco Bell serves is not really Mexican food.

Case in point – Hard-shelled tacos are not a “thing” in México.

Personally, after living and working in México for over 20 years, I have yet to see any taco places here sell hard-shelled tacos. It’s an American invention.

Plus, Mexicans have decided that they do not need a fast food chain version of their most popular food item. If you have ever eaten tacos on the street or in a small locally-owed taqueria in México, they serve them fresh, hot, and fast.

One food historian wrote that Taco Bell’s several attempts to open restaurants in México was “like bringing ice to the Arctic.”

Now you know.

See you in México!


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