What to Expect on Our Tours


At times, news outlets have been known to portray the country of  México as some hell-hole of violence, kidnapping, and in general, a drug-infested place that is totally dangerous and should not be on your list of places to go.
We get this question all the time. “Is is safe to travel to México?”
Our answer to them is in the form of a question … “Are you planning to buy or sell drugs while you are in México?”
If not, then you should be fine.
Can you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and something bad happens? Of course. That is a possibility in any country and in any city or town in the world. México is no different.
That being said . . .  We can tell you what you will find in México.
In almost all cases, you will find that the local Mexican people (just like in most places around the world) pretty much go about their lives everyday in peace.
In fact, we bet that on our tours, you will encounter some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.
Time and time again our travel guests who may have had some safety concerns prior to traveling to México, end their tour with comments like,
“The people were so friendly.”    “We never once felt unsafe.”   “We love México!”
And we think you will too!
Our Tours Are Active Tours… some more than others. Check the details of the tour you are interested in going on to determine if it is right for you.


Be prepared to Encounter Uneven Sidewalks which may have cracks and holes in them.
Actually, uneven sidewalks are probably THE most dangerous thing you will face on your travels in México. You will have to negotiate them. One Canadian who lives in México once told us that she always advises visitors to, “Don’t Walk and Gawk at the same time.” In other words, watch where you are walking.
On our tours, you may be Standing and Walking from 2-4 Hours Each Day. Be prepared to be on your feet.
You will be in charge for Carrying Your Own Luggage in and out of your tour vehicle and possibly up and down one or more flights of stairs at your hotel. Some of the hotels we use have elevators and some do not.
We Highly Recommend that You Only Bring a Carry-On Bag and a Day Backpack for our tours. If you pack smart, you will be able to fit everything you need for your tour in one carry-on roll-on or carry-on backpack plus your daypack.
Note: You can hand-wash your undies in your hotel room sink and/or pay a few Pesos to have your dirty clothes washed and folded for you during the daytime while you are touring.
So please … Resist the Temptation to Bring a Big Suitcase that you have to check-in on your flight. Your back will love you for it when it comes time to haul that big case up and down stairs and over uneven pavement and sidewalks.


The hotels we use for our tours are almost always located right in the main section of the city or town you are visiting. In the hotel “Star” rating system, they will range from 2-4 Stars Depending on the Location and the hotels which are located there. Of course the larger cities will usually have fancier hotels. In smaller towns, they will most likely be more basic.
The Internet Connection in your hotel may be strong and sometimes it may not be. You may have a connection in your room or you may have to go to the lobby to check your messages and social media. And on some of our tours to more rural areas, there may not be any internet and cell phone services. In our tour descriptions, you will be informed if there are areas you will visit on that trip where you will not have service.
Most of the hotels we use have Air Conditioning. Some may just have ceiling or floor fans. And some may have fireplaces in the cooler climates.
Almost every hotel we use does have a Private Bathroom in Each Room with a shower which may have hot water or may just have warm water. 
Note: Most do have hot water.


All Breakfasts and Most Lunches are Included in Your Tour Package Price. Breakfast may be at your hotel restaurant or at a typical nearby restaurant.
Lunch is usually at a local restaurant and on occasion, may be a boxed lunch eaten while traveling to your next destination.
We love to give our travel guests time in the Evening to Explore on Their Own and Have Dinner at a restaurant of their own choosing. Your guide can give you ideas of where to go.
Usually there is a Farewell Dinner included on the last night of your tour.
For folks with Special Dietary Requirements, we will work with the restaurants we eat at to have them create (as best as possible) a meal to fit your specifications. There are no guarantees. However, we will do the best we can to accommodate your requests.


In almost all the places we take our travel guests, US Dollars and Other Foreign Currencies are Not Accepted. You will need to exchange your money for Mexican Pesos.
No problem . . . There are ATMs and money exchange businesses in all the major cities and bigger towns throughout México.
Some exceptions of locations where your currency may be used might be at the beach resort areas on our BEST OF MEXICO / BEACH RESORT combo tours. However, even at these places, it would be best to use Mexican Pesos as you will most likely get a better price on the goods and services you are purchasing rather than using your own country’s currency.
Contrary to the advertisements that tell you major credit cards are always accepted worldwide, that is not necessary true in México. Major Credit Cards from a Non-Mexican Bank are Sometimes Not Accepted in México. Yes, many places do accept them … but not all.
Remember – “Cash is King” in México. And the cash should be in Mexican Pesos.


During your travels on our tours, The Majority of the Local People You Encounter Will Not Know English. In most instances, they will only know Spanish or in some cases, only their indigenous language.
FYI: There are over 60 different languages spoken in México.
Even at the hotel lobby, there may be employees who do not speak English.
Soooo … it is best to Learn a Little Spanish before you travel with us.
Note: Your Spanish/English speaking host guide will be able to help you translate during your tour.


Depending on the size of the group, you may be traveling in a Car or a Van.
If you are a part of a larger Private Group of 20 or More People, then you most likely will be traveling in a comfortable tour bus.
For Short Hops, you may be in a taxi, on a public bus, trolley, horse-drawn carriage, or riding the subway.
However, the Transportation You Will Use The Most on our tours will be those two long things your feet are attached to.


Even in the major cities, you may hear Roosters Crowing from your room. You may hear Dogs Barking, Traffic Noise, Loudspeakers avertising something, and of course, Music playing. Mexicans love their music!
Hey, it’s all part of your México experience.
Remember … You are a guest in their country and that’s just their way of life.
The difference between a “TOURIST” and a “TRAVELER” can be summed up like this.
TOURISTS DO NOT LIKE SURPRISES. They want everything to be setup for them and may complain if something does not go right. They reason that they paid good money and so they EXPECT everything to be perfect. That’s why the big cruise ships and beach resort hotels go out of their way to make sure everyone will be in their “Comfort Zone” … with no surprises.
TRAVELERS DO LIKE SURPRISES. When traveling around México, unexpected events may happen.
As an example … your small group may be passing through a town during your tour and unexpectedly find that a local religious parade or student parade is happening. The police have blocked the street your group needs to travel on to get to your next destination. Instead of looking at this situation as a negative, TRAVELERS look at it as an opportunity to get out of the van or car and go enjoy the parade. They think of this “inconvenience” as a fun unexpected cultural encounter.
TRAVELERS take these unexpected events in stride and rather than complain, they go with the flow and enjoy these new experiences which may pop up.
Before booking one of our tours, please make this determination.
Ask yourself . . . 
If you decide that you are more of a TOURIST and that you would rather be pampered, that you are not keen on carrying your own luggage, and meeting local folks who don’t speak English is not really your cup-of-tea, then signing up for one of our tours may not be a good fit for you.
On the other hand, if you decide that you are a TRAVELER, that you are excited to go explore the world, and you look forward to having up-close encounters with the local folks, then we bet you will love coming along with us on one of our México Exploration Tours.
Mike Vondruska, along with his México support team and local knowledgeable & fun bilingual tour guides, are all dedicated to creating for you a most enjoyable, memorable, and adventurous (or laidback) México experience.

¡Para Servirle!
We are here to serve you!