Are You A Tourist or a Traveler?

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Are You a Tourist or a Traveler?

TOURISTS usually Do Not Like Surprises
They want everything to be setup for them and may complain if something does not go right. They reason that since they paid good money for their vacation, they EXPECT everything to be perfect. That’s why the big cruise ships and beach resort hotels go out of their way to make sure everyone will be in their “Comfort Zone” … with No Surprises.

TRAVELERS usually Don’t Mind Surprises
When traveling around México, unexpected events may happen. Travelers turn these “bumps in the road” into memorable positive experiences. 

Here are two examples:

Without prior warning, a museum or park on your itinerary may have temporarily closed for repairs or for some other unknown reason.

TRAVELERS take it in stride and with the help of their host guide, they come up with an alternative place to visit or maybe change itinerary days around to still be able to visit that museum or park.
TOURISTS may start complaining that we should have known this in advance and they should be refunded some money for this inconvenience. 

Your small group may be passing through a town during your tour and unexpectedly find that a local religious parade or student parade is happening. The police have blocked the street your group needs to travel on to get to your next destination.

Instead of looking at this situation as a negative, TRAVELERS look at it as an opportunity to get out of the van or car and go enjoy the parade. They think of this “inconvenience” as a fun unexpected cultural encounter. TRAVELERS take these unexpected events in stride and rather than complain, they go with the flow and adapt to any new experiences which may pop up.
TOURISTS may look at this “inconvenience” as poor planning on our part and text home to their friends that their trip is ruined because we did not know a student parade was going to take place that would delay their trip by 30 or so minutes. 

Over the years, we have found that unexpected events can happen during our tours in México. In fact, both these examples have happened during some past tours with our travel guests. It does not happen often, but it’s possible. 

Before booking one of our exploration tours,
Please ask yourself . . .

If you decide that you are more of a TOURIST and that you are not keen on carrying your own luggage, walking 1-4 miles each day while on tour, and running into possible unexpected circumstances, then you may not want to sign up with us.

If staying in 2-4 star accommodations which may have spotty internet and no elevator is not your idea of a fun vacation, then you might not want to join us.

And lastly, if being immersed around lots of local Mexican folks who don’t speak English sounds uncomfortable to you, then signing up for one of our exploration tours may not be a good fit.

For more information about what to expect, please go to What To Expect On Our Tours.

On the other hand, if you decide that you are a TRAVELER, that you are excited to explore the world as it really is and look forward to having up-close encounters with the local folks, then we are most confident that you will enjoy one of our guided trips.

If you also understand that your surroundings during your tour may not be “just like home” and that there may be possible changes and/or delays along the way, then we bet you will love coming along with us on one of our México Exploration Vacations.