Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reserve a Trip?

It’s quick and easy.

  1. For tours with advertised trip dates, please call or fill out our online information form.
  2. If you see a tour you like but the trip dates listed don’t fit your vacation travel times, please give us a call or complete our online information form. We will check availability for your requested dates and get back with you quickly.
  3. For tours with no advertised trip dates, please call or fill out our online information form.
  4. For custom designed trips, just call our office or complete our online information form. We will be happy to help you create an enjoyable and memorable trip.

What Kind of Deposit is Required and When Do I Pay in Full?

A deposit of $350 USD per person is due when you submit your reservation.
Full payment is due 60 days prior to the first day of the trip.
Payments made within 30 days of the trip need to be in the form of a direct bank deposit or credit card.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

A cancellation by the client must be made in writing. The date that we receive the letter/email determines the cancellation charge applicable. Cancellation fees per person per trip are as follows:

Days prior to Departure & Fees

91 or MoreDeposit Refunded
61 – 90Deposit
31 – 6050% of Total Tour Cost
0 – 30100% of Total Tour Cost
Please read our Terms & Conditions for complete details.

Do Your Tours Include Trip Interruption Insurance & Travel Medical Insurance?

It Is Strongly Recommended That You Purchase Trip Interruption & Travel Medical Insurance from a reputable travel insurance company.

How Many People Can Join a Tour?

Our online advertised trip fees for our multi-day tours are usually based on a minimum of 2 or 4 people and a maximum of 6 to 16 people to make the trip go. Specific details on minimum and maximum numbers of people are listed in the information for each of our advertised multi-day tours. 
If you have a larger group, we may be able to accommodate more than 16. In these instances, we will secure a comfortable and modern coach tour bus for transportation during the trip. Please contact us for specific details and pricing.

What are the Age Restrictions on Your Tours?

To travel independently, you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no upper age limits on our tours. However, please remember that our tours are active tours. We suggest you look over our What To Expect On Our Tours information page. Many of our tours have special trip pricing for children 10-17 years of age. On our more challenging adventure trips, the suggested minimum age is 16 years old.

Can I Physically Handle the Trip? How Do I Know if I Am Fit Enough?

We offer a variety of trips that are appropriate for all fitness levels. Give us a call or email our office and one of our qualified staff will be most happy to chat with you about the tour you are interested in.

Do Your Tours Include International Airfare?

Travelers arrive from all over the world to begin our tours and it is not possible to include international airfare in our prices.

Do I Need a Passport or Visa to Enter México?

United States citizens will need a passport which is valid for at least six months from the return date. If flying into México from the US, you will receive a 180 day visa (Tourist Visa) as part of your airfare ticket price. If driving into México, you will be required to secure a “Tourist Visa” by registering at the border and paying a fee for the 180 day Visa.
Non-US citizens, please check with your local Mexican Consulate for any further restrictions and requirements for entering México.
Note: If you need to obtain or renew your passport, please allow enough time for it to be processed and sent to you prior to your trip into México.

What Types of Ground Transportation Will I Be Traveling In?

Depending on the size of your group, you may be traveling in a car, SUV, van, or luxury tour bus. Also on some occasions with small groups, we may use public transportation and/or taxis for some segments of your trip.

What Types of Hotels Will I be Staying in on My Selected Tour in México?

In the major cities of México, we generally have our travel guests stay in clean and comfortable 3-4 star hotels. In the smaller towns your may visit, we use the best 2-3 star hotels available with basic amenities.  And yes, you may find little geckos occasionally darting up and down your hotel walls. They are harmless and just add to the flavor of your trip.

How Will I Be Able to Charge My Electronic Devices?

México uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity, the same as the United States and Canada. Outlets are typically either 2 or 3 pronged flat type so US and Canadian travelers will not need a converter or adaptor. If your electronic device has a third prong, we suggest you bring a 3 prong to 2 prong adaptor as a precaution.

How Will I Be Able to Keep in Contact with Family and Friends Back Home?

Most hotels we use for our tours have Wi-Fi as well as in some public places. On some of our trips, there may be a few areas where the availability of Wi-Fi and cell phone service does not yet exist. Your personal host tour guide can tell you where there is and is not service.

How Much Money Should I Bring?

Most of your expenses for your trip are covered in your initial trip fee. However, there may be some meals which are not included. Bring enough to cover these meals, any airport transfers not included, items you may want to purchase, personal items, and gratuities.
ATM Machines – You can find them in most of the cities and towns in México.
Credit Cards – Contrary to the advertisements you may see regarding credit card acceptances worldwide, that is not always true. Many of the smaller stores and even some of the bigger stores in México do not accept all credit cards from foreign banks and some do not accept any of them. Most likely, your international Debit Card will not be accepted at all. Cash is still king in México. In many areas Mexican Pesos and not US dollars or other foreign currencies are accepted.  Yes, you will have to exchange your foreign currency into Mexican Pesos either before you arrive or at an ATM or currency exchange after your arrive. Your local host guide can assist you with your money exchanges.

What Clothing Should I Pack for My Trip?

After you sign on to one of our trips, you will receive a list of suggested items to pack based on your particular trip and the time of the year you are traveling to México.

I Have Special Dietary Restrictions. How Can I Be Sure My Needs Will Be met?

With advance notice, we will do our best to accommodate your special dietary needs. In some destinations the choices may be limited, but with some creativity from the restaurant cook, you should be able to enjoy delicious meals suited to your requirements.

Can I Drink the Water?

As a precaution, drinking the water directly from faucets in not advisable. Convenient stores are plentiful throughout México where you can purchase bottled water.
As a convenience, we will have a large container of purified drinking water onboard your tour vehicle so you can fill up your water bottle as needed.

Do I Have to Know Spanish to Survive?

Your local bilingual trip guide will be there to help you with reading signs, menus, and any other translations needed. However, it is always good to know some basic words in Spanish. The local people will appreciate you for at least trying to speak a little Spanish.

Is Tipping Included in My Tour Price?

There is no need to fret over how much to tip your guides and of having the right amount of Mexican Pesos at the end of your trip.
Tips are already included in your tour price for your host guide and all specialty guides. On most trips, your host guide is also your driver. If you are on a tour with a designated driver, their gratuity is also included. 
We also take care of your tips for all included meals listed in your tour price when your host guide is eating with you. 
On most of our tours, breakfast is included and eaten at your hotel’s restaurant. Your guide will be meeting you for your day of activities after you have eaten breakfast. Therefore, we ask that you leave an appropriate tip for your server. In Mexico, 10-15% is common.  

What is Your Policy Regarding Sustainable Tourism?

Our local tour guides and our travel guests are encouraged to adhere to the principles of responsible tourism, including respect for the areas we visit, the local people we encounter, and the animals and plant life we share the area with. We work with local trip providers and purchase local products and services whenever possible.