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Mike Vondruska is the founder & CEO. He created these exploration tours to introduce to adventurous & curious travelers the many incredible and diverse regions found outside of the well-publicized México coastal resort areas.
Most foreigners are only familiar with México’s sun & sand places like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, and Cabo San Lucas mainly because of all the advertising seen through print ads, TV ads, and through travel agencies. Also, all-inclusive resort package deals can be found all over the internet.
FYI: We are not in the business of booking México All-Inclusive Beach Resort Vacations.
If You Want to Book an All-Inclusive México Beach Resort Vacation, we suggest you contact a trusted travel agency. They usually have good package deals for you.
However … If You are Looking to Explore the “REAL” México, Then You Have Come to the Right Tour Company!
Our small group exploration tours of 2-16 people are always lead by knowledgeable bilingual host guides who are from México. After all, who knows a place better than the people who live there.

Our México exploration tours are divided into 6 different categories. You can decide which one best fits with your interests.


When you sign up for a  BEST of MEXICO TOUR, one of our knowledgeable local guides will lead you to discovering the “Highlights” of the city or region you are exploring in México.
Some of our BEST of MEXICO TOURS are designed to explore an entire México state, some will showcase a major city and its surrounding area, and some are what we consider “México Road Trips.” These road trips are popular in that you get to experience several locations in just one tour.
Note: We are continuing to add tours to our roster of BEST OF MEXICO TOURS. So check back often to view our newest itineraries.


Since so many people love going to the beach resort areas in México, we decided to create what we call, Combination or “Combo” tours.
These are tours where you can first explore some of the best that México has to offer in its interior towns and colonial cities and then on the last several days of your vacation, we set you up at a nice resort at one of the popular beach locations so you can relax and rejuvenate before heading back home to your normal routine.
If you like the idea of vacationing on the beaches in México and also think it would be fun to do a little exploring to find out what else México has to offer, then one of our BEST of MEXICO TOURS & BEACH VACATION could be right for you.


“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.”   
Gary Snider / American poet
Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, including the crowded beaches and cities. To get back to nature. To enjoy the freshness of being outside and away from the stress of everyday life. Our ever-growing series of what we call the BACK ROADS OF MEXICO TOURS might very well be the ticket for your next escape.
No big city tours will be found on these itineraries. What you will find is nature and the local people who live there. You should know that on some of our BACK ROADS OF MEXICO TOURS, there are times when you are so removed from “civilization” that there is no internet or cell service.
Yep. Some of these locations are ​very​ rural.
So go ahead and check out what we have to offer. We look forward to hosting you on one of these unique off-the-beaten-path tours.
Click here to see our current selection of trips. BACK ROADS OF MEXICO TOURS


Talk about ADVENTURES!
México is THE place for outdoor fun!
Rafting, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Sport Fishing, ATV Riding, Sandboarding, Waterfall Jumping, Rappelling, Canyon Trekking, Jungle Hiking, Alpine Hiking, Horse Trail Rides, Biking, Zipline Rides, Swimming in Cenotes . . .
If these kinds of activities excite you, then check out our MEXICO ACTIVE ADVENTURE TOURS.


Are You a History Buff?
Then take a look at our 10 day educational tour, CORTES & THE SPANISH CONQUEST OF MEXICO.
Travel from the Gulf Coast to the Mighty Aztec Capital
Like Festivals?
If so, then you are in for a treat.
Sign up for our OAXACA MEXICO: DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION where we visit a graveyard at night, witness impromptu crazy street parades, paint your face to look like a skeleton, and a lot more!
Interested in Black History?
Look no further than our 8 day tour, AFRICAN ROOTS IN VERACRUZ.
Visit small villages in Veracruz with names like Mozambique, Matamba, and Mandinga. Have lunch in the home of an Afro-Mexican family.
Visit an old run-down ex-hacienda and see the quarters of where the enslaved Africans lived. Plus much more.


Yes, we can custom design a private México exploration vacation tour for as little as 2 people. Larger groups can be accommodated as well.
Your trip can be designed based on your vacation time frame, interests, and budget. CUSTOM DESIGNED MEXICO TOURS
FYI: We do charge an upfront non-refundable $100 USD Trip Creation Fee for designing your custom tour. This fee will be put toward the cost of your tour when you make your reservation.