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She was Not a "Happy Camper"

A Travel Story – 
Moments before I took this photo, this little girl was very content as she was being held by her young mom who was working at a stand selling items in downtown Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico.

However, when a perspective buyer approached the young mom to look at some items, this little baby was rapidly put down on top of a pile of sales items so the mom could concentrate on possibly making another sale.

For this young mom and many others like her all around the world, they may not always have someone else to watch their young ones and so it becomes a daily juggling act . . . being a caring mom and also a money earner for her family.

On guided small group tours where there is also built-in free time to independently wander, travelers are more likely to happen upon scenes of daily life . . . like with this mom and baby. Memories of these up-close encounters with the local people may even be more remembered than visiting that big huge church their guide showed them in the main square.

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