$2495 /adult • $2195 /child (10-17) + air

10 Day/9 Night Guided Tour
(includes day of arrival & departure)
Participate in 10 Exciting Outdoor Activities – 
Kayaking, Ziplining, Whitewater Rafting, ATVing, Waterfall Rappel, Sea Cliff Rappel, Canyoneering, Sandboarding, Ocean Boat Ride, and Exploring a Ceremonial Cavern. 
Important Note: The activities in this adventure tour are NOT “extreme.” 
They can be challenging but still doable for anyone who is in good health and has an adventurous spirit. No special skills or past experience are required to participate in these outdoor activities.
Trained certified adventure guides will teach you and assist you every step of the way during each activity. 
The state of Veracruz is known as Mexico’s Outdoor Adventure Playground
Veracruz is a long and narrow gulf coast state which has been blessed with a diversity of outdoor natural beauty. In this Mexican state you will discover churning whitewater rapids, awesome alpine visitas, rugged canyons, ocean beaches, coral reefs, rain forest jungle, a sea of tall sand dunes, and even an 18,500 feet mountain with a glacier on its north face.  
This 10 day multi-activity tour will take you from the coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico to the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. Along the way you will not only get to participate in 10 exciting outdoor adventure activities, but also explore a rural market, tour the city of Veracruz, have lunch on the beach, visit an archaeological ruins site, explore an enormous cave which was and still is a site where indigenous ceremonies take place, and drink excellent coffee in the region of Veracruz where coffee is grown.
This is a small group tour consisting of a maximum of 6 participants. Our suggested minimum age for this tour is 12 years old. Why not bring your active teens and share these exciting and challenging outdoor experiences as a family togetherness vacation. 
Or go ahead and gather up a small band of your adventurous friends and share this information with them. You can then sign up as a group and enjoy these challenging outdoor adventure activities withs your buds.
Sign up today.
 Mexico’s Outdoor Adventure Playground is waiting for you! 
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Tour Highlights

   •  Ocean Kayaking
   •  Snorkeling over Coral Reefs
   •  ATV Beach & Sand Dunes Ride
   •  Sandboard Surfing
   •  Sea Cliff Rappel
   •  Boat Ride in Mangrove Estuary
   •  Whitewater River Rafting
   •  Zipline
   •  Waterfall Rappels

   •  Scenic Mountain Drive – Sierra Madre
   •  Rural Outdoor Market
   •  Archaeological Ruins Site
   •  Ceremonial Cave
   •  Veracruz City Tour
Day 1:
Pick up at the Veracruz Airport (VER) 
Hotel in the city of Veracruz (2 nights)
Day 2:
Ocean Kayaking
Walking Tour of Veracruz City
San Juan de Ulúa Harbor Fortress
Day 3:
Snorkeling over Coral Reefs
ATV Beach & Sand Dunes Ride
Sandboard Surfing
Beach Time
Hotel in Puente Internacional (2 nights)
Day 4
Quiahuiztlan Archaeological Ruins Site
Walk along the Ocean
Sea Cliff Rappel
Boat Ride through a Mangrove Estuary
 Day 5
Whitewater River Rafting
Zipline Ride
Explore Coatepec - Pre-Hispanic Town
Hotel in Xico (2 nights)
Day 6
Canyon Waterfall Rappels
Day 7
Coscomatepec Rural Market
Visit Local Artisans
Hotel in Coscomatepec (2 nights)
Day 8:
Scenic Mountain Drive
Hiking in the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains
Day 9
Ceremonial Cave
Return to the city of Veracruz
Farewell Dinner
Hotel in the City of Veracruz
Day 10
Veracruz Airport
Travel day home/next destination

Day 1:  (no included meals)
Upon your arrival to the Veracruz Airport (VER), one of our local tour representatives will meet you and then take you to check in at the Hotel Baluarte (or similar) in downtown Veracruz City for two nights.

Depending on the time of your arrival, you may be able to explore some of the city or just rest up from your travels and get ready for the following days of fun active adventures. 

Day 2:  (B,L)
In the morning the sea is usually calm and just right for some kayaking in the Gulf of México right off the shores of the city of Veracruz. From out in the ocean you can get a nice view of the city and if the sea behaves, your group can paddle out to a nearby island called, Isla de Sacrificio

When the Spanish arrived in the early 1500’s, they landed on this island and were horrified to find great numbers of human remains. It was thought that this island was a place where human sacrifices were conducted. Hence the name of the island. 

Today, it is prohibited to land on the island as it is considered an archaeological zone. However, it is a good goal to kayak out to and then return.   

Next up, you will be introduced to a little more Mexican history when your guide takes you to the massive fortress called, San Juan de Ulúa. This fortress with its very thick walls to withstand cannonball blasts was very important to the coastal defense from pirates and invading countries. Construction started in 1535 to make this fortress and multiple additions were added throughout the next 300 years. 

Heading back into the center of the city, your group will take a stroll to become acquainted with the city center and some of its landmark sites.

The evening is free to relax and take in the vibes of this tropical port city. 

Day 3:  (B,L,D)
This morning it will be time to check out of your hotel and continue your adventure tour by driving a  short distance up the coast to the small seaside village of Playa Chachalacas. After changing into your swimming clothes, a local lanchero (boat driver) will meet your group to take you out to sea to an area where you will encounter shallow coral reefs. 

With provided mask, fins, and snorkel, you will have the opportunity to explore this reef. Chances are very good that your group will have the entire reef to yourself as this is a remote reef which not many people visit.

Upon returning back to shore, get ready for an excellent adventure of ATV riding and sandboard surfing. At the north end of Playa Chachalacas are a large expanse of tall sand dunes. After a safety talk about how to operate your ATV, it will be time to head down the beach to the dunes. Your guide will take you on a tour to ride up and down many of these steep sand dunes. At one point, everyone is welcome to attempt to try surfing down the dunes either standing or sitting on the sandboard. It’s fun and challenging!

Note: Only those 16 and older can ride solo on an ATV. Anyone under that age will be a passenger on the ATV riding behind an adult who will drive the vehicle throughout this activity. 

After a seaside lunch, there will be some time to hang out on the beach, swim in the ocean, take a snooze, or just relax to the sounds of the nearby Gulf of Mexico waves rolling up on shore. 

Later, it will be time to drive a short distance to the Hotel Puente Internacional, a complex nestled next to a tropical river and an ancient bridge built by the Spanish invaders hundreds of years ago. This will be you home for the next two nights. 

Day 4:  (B,L,D)
On this morning we change things up a little by visiting a small archaeological site which is also a burial site. Quiahuiztlán (Key-ah-wheetz-lán) sits atop a high bluff overlooking the Gulf of México and the beach where Spaniard, Hernán Cortés and his band of a several hundred men first landed to begin their trek to the interior where in less than two years, they conquered by annihilating the mighty Aztec Empire.

Later, your group will go down to that beach and take a little hike to see where the ocean waves channel through rocky crevices building up momentum until they shoot upwards into a large crashing sprays of water. 

A fun rappel will be set up nearby to scale down one of the sea cliffs. Think of it as a warmup to the waterfall rappels you will be doing on day 6. 

After lunch, everyone will hop on board a small boat to cruise through a mangrove estuary. Look for the little crabs that crawl around the tree roots and the seabirds flying around above.

Your group will then return back to your hotel for dinner and to overnight there once again.  

Day 5:  (B,L)
This morning you will check out and travel inland to the river rafting capital of Veracruz found in the town of Jalcomulco. 

After a river safety talk and demonstration, your group will embark on an exciting whitewater river rafting adventure with class 2-3 rapids. Everyone will be participating by helping to paddle with your onboard professional rafting guide as the main steerer and captain of the raft. 

Your 2nd adventure of the day is a fun series of ziplines where you will find yourself flying high over the river you just went rafting on. 

In the afternoon, you and your travel companions will leave this small river rafting town and head to the pre-Hispanic town of Coatepec. This designated Mexico Magic Town / Pueblo Magico happens to be smack dab in the middle of the coffee-growing region of Veracruz. Sometimes you can actually smell the coffee in the air. At an elevation of 4000 feet, this area of western Veracruz is also in what is called, a fog forest  or bosque de niebla in Spanish. Sometimes it can get pretty foggy in this higher altitude. 

In Coatepec, there is a nice town square, boutique shops, restaurants, street vendors, and multiple shops to purchase fresh coffee, locally-made liquors, and of course. Indoor and outdoor cafés are plentiful. Coffee anyone? 

The next town over is another quaint México Pueblo Magico; the town of Xico. This is where you will stay the night in the Hotel Orquidia or similar (2 nights). 

Day 6:  (B,L)
Day 6 will definitely be a day of fun challenges as you negotiate 5 waterfall rappels. When we say “waterfall rappels,” we mean just that. You will be rappelling either right down through a waterfall or right next to it. The water is cold because it flows down from the nearby mountains. The good news is that you will be wearing a neoprene wetsuit so you should stay nice and warm.

In this daylong adventure activity, your group will be hiking down grassy hills to get to the water and later, hiking back up to get out. So be prepared to do some walking. Plus at times, you will be slogging carefully through the stream as you trek from one waterfall to the next.  

After lunch at a local restaurant, everyone will head back to Xico and your hotel. In the evening, if you are not too tired, you can take a stroll through town with your host guide.    

Day 7:  (B)
Pack up your things because it’s time to change scenery. This morning your small group of adventure travelers will be heading into a higher elevation below the towering 15,800’ Pico de Orizaba mountain and the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. You will arrive at the rugged cobbled street town of Coscomatepec. 

Every monday this town transforms into a huge outdoor marketplace where everything from food to clothes to animals are being sold and bartered. Most likely your group will be the only foreigners walking around this market among the many local people. Most of the streets in this town are blocked off, plastic tarps are strung up in case of rain, and the goods are brought in for sale. Your group will have the opportunity to wander around and take in the local culture at this rural weekly event. 

After eating lunch in the “food court” section of this market, your guide will take you on a tour of this mountain town to visit a few local artisans and stores. 

You will stay at the Hotel Plaza Real or similar in Coscomatepec for two nights. 

Day 8:  (B,L)
After breakfast, your guide will take you on a scenic drive up into the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains to the small town of Alpatlahuac. On a tall hill overlooking the town is the Chapel of the Cerrito de Tepeyac. From the large veranda in front of this chapel, on a clear day you will have a commanding beautiful view of the surrounding area

Your challenge this morning will be to reach that veranda by climbing up 205 stairs. You will be starting this climb at an altitude of approximately 6,500 feet above sea level. Good luck!

As the saying goes, “what goes up, must come down.” After all the photos are taken from this high vantage point, it will be time to retrace your steps down all those stairs back to the vehicle. 

You next stop will be the town of Huatusco where you will have lunch and then visit a farm. This farm however, is not your typical farm with animals, corn growing, and the like. It is a farm where a variety of different kinds of bamboo are grown. The company operating this farm is called Bambuver. They grow and sell the bamboo for commercial purposes. One of the cool things you will find at their farm is a sample house built entirely out of bamboo, inside and out. 

Later, everyone will return back to Coscomatepec and your hotel. 

Day 9:  (B,L,D) 
Today you and your adventurous companions will travel to a couple more interesting places to see before arriving back to the port city of Veracruz. 

The first one is a cave with a massive opening. As a comparison, you might think it looks like a big arena for hosting events … and in fact, at certain times of the year, it is used for that purpose. The name of the cave is called Totomochapan.

Historical evidence has shown that this cave was used in pre-Hispanic times to hold ritual ceremonies called Xochitlallis. It was a celebration to give offerings and thanks to Mother Earth for her blessings of good weather and rain to produce a plentiful harvest. 

In present day, this ceremony still takes place each year at the start of Holy Week. However, it has now evolved into a mixture of the old pre-Hispanic indigenous beliefs combined with Christian traditions.

A short hike will bring your group to the waterfall called Popocatl. The name means Smoking Waters in the Nahuatl language. It is a very impressive and forceful waterfall with a 200 foot drop into a small internal lake located inside of a cave. Some consider Popocatl to be one of the more interesting falls in the country of Mexico.  

After lunch, it will be time to head back to the city of Veracruz and check in to your hotel. In the evening, you, your travel companions, and your guide will meet for a last farewell dinner in the city to enjoy each other’s company one last time and to reminisce about your recent adventures together in the state of Veracruz. 

Day 10:  (B)
At the appropriate time, one of our staff will drive you to the Veracruz Airport for your flight home or for your flight to your next exciting travel destination. 

Buen Viaje!


March 24 - April 2
July 7-16
September 29 - October 8
December 1-10
* Includes day of arrival & departure
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$2495 per adult / double
$2195 per child (10-17)
Single: +$275 USD
Tour Price Includes
Veracruz host guide
Trained certified adventure guides
Airport pickup & dropoff in Veracruz
All ground transportation
Activities per itinerary
All entrance fees
All sports equipment rentals
9 nights of hotel lodgings
9 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 3 dinners
All guide tips
Tour Price Does Not Include
Additional activities not listed in itinerary
Meals not listed in itinerary
Alcoholic drinks
Trip interruption insurance
Trip medical insurance 


Activity Level: Moderate-Challenging
Group Size: 2-6
Suggested Minimum Age: 12
Arrival & Departure Cities: Veracruz / Veracruz  (VER)
*Deposit: $350 USD per person

A Reminder -
Tips are already included in your trip price for all specialty guides as well as your main host guide during this tour.
So there is no need to fret over how much to tip and of having the right amount of Mexican Pesos.

You just enjoy your trip and we will take care of the gratuities.


Stay and add one or more of these 1 day excursions.
Waterfalls, Monkeys & Jungle Hiking in the Los Tuxtlas Region
add $179 USD per person (min. 2)
Visit the Archaeological Site, El Tajin: add $147 USD per person (min. 2)
Birding on the Rio Huitzilapan & La Antigua Tour:
add $130 USD per person (min. 2)
Note: These extra 1 day trips will require an extra night hotel stay in the city of Veracruz. We can make the arrangements for you.