$2495 /adult • $2195 /child (10-17) + air

10 Day/9 Night Guided Tour 
(includes day of arrival & departure)
Explore the Rugged Desert & Canyon Regions in the State of Chihuahua and Encounter the People Who Live There.
If you are looking for a totally Off-The-Grid Mexico Travel Experience, then this tour is it! 
Visit one of the strangest places on earth (Zone of Silence), marvel at the Milky Way under a dark desert night sky, hike in stunning canyon settings, visit a village of Rarámuris, sleep in a cave, relax in hot springs water, have lunch with a Mennonite family, and participate in an ancient cleansing ritual. 
Enjoy this Back Roads of Mexico journey as you immerse yourself each day in nature’s outdoor rugged beauty found all throughout Mexico’s largest state; the state of Chihuahua. 
Join us for this excellent adventure to the Chihuahuan desert and into the deep canyons of Chihuahua, México.

Tour Highlights

•  Mystical Zona del Silencio (Zone of Silence)
•  Soak in Natural Thermal Pools
•  Desert Stargazing
•  Participate in a Temascal & Fire Ceremony
•  Desert Hiking
•  Pancho Villa Museum
•  Canyon Hiking
•  Meet the Rarámuris (Indigenous People) 

•  Sleep in a Cave
•  Lunch with a Mennonite Family
•  Stroll around Chihuahua City
Day 1
Pick up at the Chihuahua City Airport
Plaza Hotel or similar (1 night)
Day 2
Travel to the Zona del Silencio area
Relax in thermal water
Stargazing and talk about the Zone of Silence
Complejo Ecoturistico Zona del Silencio Lodge (2 nights) 
Day 3
Salt ponds - Learn about its production and use
Wind Ceremony
Participate in a Temascal Ceremony
More star watching to spot meteorites
Day 4
Travel to Parral
Pancho Villa Museum
Scenic drive to Guachochi
Kokoyome Mountain Resort (2 nights)
Day 5
Hike in the Sinforosa Canyon
Free time to relax or go out on another hike
Day 6
Scenic drive to Batopilas
Learn history of the town and mining operations
Casa Real de Minas (2 nights)
Day 7
More exploration of this canyon area
Meeting with the local Rarámuris in their rancheria
Visit a small mining museum
Free time to relax or explore on your own
Day 8
Scenic drive to Norogachi - picnic lunch
Scenic drive to Nonoava
Hotel Cavernas Risochi (1 night)
Day 9
Scenic drive to Namurachi Canyon
Sightseeing hike
Scenic drive to Ciudad Cuauhtemoc
Lunch with a Mennonite family in their home
Return to Chihuahua City
Farewell Dinner
Plaza Hotel
Day 10
Transfer to the Chihuahua airport
Travel day home
Day 1:  
Upon your arrival to the Chihuahua Airport (CUU), one of our local tour representatives will meet you and then take you to check in at the Plaza Hotel (or similar) in downtown Chihuahua City. 
Day 2:  (B,L,D)
Hope you got a good night’s rest because today begins your trek into the Chihauhua Desert. Get comfortable as you will have a 3½ hour drive to a place in the desert that you might call, Out of this World! 
Strange things have happened here in the past and continue to this day. Be prepared! Your cell phones will not work, no internet, and compasses will just spin around and around. You will be entering a powerful energy vortex area called the Zona del Silencio or in English, the Zone of Silence
This region has been a magnet (pun intended) for meteorites which have crashed here in 1938, 1954, 1969, and 1970. In fact, a US Athena Rocket was launched on July 11, 1970 from a US military installation in Utah and was supposed to travel to another military base in New Mexico. However, the rocket just shot past its programmed destination and crash-landed hundreds of miles south of New Mexico in … yep, you guessed it … in the Zona del Silencio in Chihuahua, Mexico. 
Here is one more interesting fact; this Zone of Silence is located on the same parallel as the Bermuda Triangle, and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Coincidence? You can decide for yourself because you will be hanging out there all day today and also on day 3 of your tour.  
After arriving and a nice lunch, a short drive into the Chihuahua desert will bring your group to what looks like a cave or cavern. Inside there are natural thermal pools of water. Think of this place as one of Mother Nature’s “hot tubs.” It will be time to relax and unwind in the warm soothing natural hot springs water. 
Afterwards, the sun will be just about ready to set and being in the dry desert, you will have a great vantage point to watch it as it sinks into the horizon. 
In the evening back at the lodge, a local knowledgeable person will guide you on a star watch. The possibilities of viewing our Milky Way galaxy is extraordinary here because of the very dry climate found in this region. There is little-to-no humidity and no urban lights to interfere with visibility. And since your guide has lived in this area his whole life, he will also give you some insider’s knowledge of what this Zona del Silencio is about, including its myths and facts.  
For the next 2 nights you will stay at the Complejo Ecoturistico Zona del Silencio Lodge. It will be comfortable but rustic. 
Day 3:  (B,L,D)
Salt is harvested here commercially by local families and you and your travel companions will take off to go check out the salt ponds located not far from your lodge. You will learn how salt is harvested and find out about its many uses. A plus is that you will also get to meet some of the people from the local area who work to produce this valuable commodity. 
One thing you will learn is that wind has a very important role in the salt production process. Past down traditions include an actual Wind Ceremony which your local guide will demonstrate. 
The rest of the afternoon is pretty much free to relax or explore on your own back at the lodge. 
In the evening, get ready to participate in an interesting old tradition which you will find throughout many regions in Mexico as well as in many different countries in some similar form. You will engage in a Temascal Ceremony. Think of a small hut or igloo-shaped structure you will crawl into and sit in a circle. Then very hot rocks are brought into the middle of your circle and water is poured onto the hot rocks. This of course now turns your cozy little hut into a hot steam room. Then add music and chanting about honoring the 4 cardinal points and you have the gist of a Temascal Ceremony. It is a cleansing of the body, mind, and soul ceremony. We are sure you will sleep well after that.    
Day 4:  (B,L,D)
Ok, time to pack up and head back on the road. In less than a 2 hour drive, you will arrive to the small town of Parral. This town has become famous in that one of the prominent Mexico revolutionary leaders by the name of José Doroteo Arango Arámbula was ambushed, shot and killed in a reign of gunfire as he drove down one of the streets in town. You may not recognize this person by his birth name but you most likely have heard of him. As a teen, he changed his name to Francisco Villa and eventually he became known as Pancho Villa.   
There is a small museum in his honor in town near where he was assassinated. Your guide will lead you on a tour of this museum.  
After lunch in Parral, it will be time to head west again on a 3 hour drive through some beautiful country with some very nice rugged scenic views. Your destination will be the Kokoyame Mountain Resort located near the town of Guachochi. It is nothing fancy but has some spectacular views of the nearby canyons and hills right from the resort’s veranda. You will be staying here for 2 nights.
Day 5:  (B,L,D)
Rise and Shine! Grab some coffee, some breakfast, and breathe in that fresh backcountry morning air. Today is a day to go exploring on a nearby hiking trail to see some hidden waterfalls and just enjoy the great views found in this region of northern Mexico. This is a 2 hour hike covering about 2½ miles.
Later, you can relax on the veranda and who knows, maybe take a little siesta. That fresh country air combined with your morning trail hike can be a catalyst for a good afternoon snooze. Or if you are still raring to go after lunch, you can head out once again with your guide to do some more hiking exploration. The choice is yours. 
Day 6:  (B,L,D)
Once again, it is time to move on. It will be about a 3½ hour scenic drive to your next destination. The road will be winding as you snake your way down through canyon country to the old mining town of Batopilas. Silver deposits were discovered here in 1708. In 2012, Batopilas was honored to become one of Mexico’s designated Pueblo Magicos or Mexico Magic Towns.    
After lunch and check in at the Casa Real de Minas, it will be time to stretch your legs with a hike to where the mining operation took place. Your guide will give you a history of how the town of Batopilas was created and grew in conjunction with the discovery of silver in the nearby hills. 
The evening is free to stroll around town or just hang out and relax at your simple accommodations. This will be a 2 night stay here in Batopilas. 
Day 7:  (B,L,D)
After breakfast, your guide will lead you to explore more of the local area as you head out on a 5 mile hike following the river that flows beside the town and through the canyon valley. 
At the end of the hike, your tour vehicle will be waiting to drive you to a small community called a rancheria where you will have the opportunity to meet the local indigenous people called the Rarámuris. This rancheria only consists of about 20 homes. These people are hardy souls who have lived in these canyonlands for generations. Be prepared as they may have questions for you as much as you may have questions for them. 
Then it will be time to travel back to town for lunch and a free afternoon to do as you please.
Day 8:  (B,L,D)
Today you and your small group of travelers will pack up to start heading north. This will be the longest day of driving with the bulk of it (about 4½ hours) taking place in the morning. Your first stop will be the small town of Norogachi. Here you will be able to stretch your legs and have a nice outdoor picnic lunch with a great view. 
After lunch you only have about 2 more hours to go on your scenic drive to reach your destination for this day. It will be the small community of Nonoava. Here everyone will check in at the Hotel Cavernas Risochi. The word, cavernas in Spanish means cavern or cave. Yep. You will be spending the night sleeping in a cave. This might very well be a brand new experience for you! No worries though. There will be beds to sleep on and FYI … no worries … there will be no bats hanging or flying around above you. This will certainly be a unique overnight experience.
Day 9:  (B,L,D)
After an early morning breakfast and a short one hour drive, you will arrive at the Namurachi Canyon. This is a cool place as the rock formations may remind you of a cathedral. We will leave that image for your imagination to ponder. Your guide will lead you on a short 45 minute hike through this most interesting canyon region of Chihuahua. 
Lunch is only 1½ drive away in the town of Ciudad Cuauhtemoc. Here you will be invited into the home of a Mennonite family for a traditional lunch based on bread, cheese, sausage, and sweets.
During your lunch with them, you are more than welcome to ask any questions you may have about their history, how they came to live in Mexico, and about their philosophy of living the way they do. 
After your parting Goodbyes, a short 1½ drive will bring your group back to Chihuahua City where you will check in to the same hotel as when you arrived. 
In the evening, you, your travel companions, and your guide will meet for a last farewell dinner in the city to enjoy each other’s company and to reminisce about your recent adventures together. 
Day 10:  (B)
At the appropriate time, your guide will drive you to the Chihuahua Airport for your flight home or to travel to your next exciting destination. 
Buen Viaje!


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* Includes day of arrival & departure
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$2495 USD adult / double
$2195 USD per child (10-17)
Single: +$385 USD
Tour Price Includes
Local Chihuahuan guide
Airport pickup & dropoff
All ground transportation
All activities per itinerary
All entrance fees
9 nights of hotel lodgings
9 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners
Tip for your guide 
Tour Price Does Not Include
Additional activities & meals not listed above
Alcoholic drinks
Trip interruption insurance
Trip medical insurance
Drinking water each day


Activity Level: Moderate
Group Size: 4-12
Suggested Minimum Age: 10
Arrival & Departure City: Chihuahua City (CUU)
Deposit: $350 USD per person

Some Reminders -
- All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are included on days 2-9 and also breakfast on day 10.

So pretty much, almost all your meals are included on this tour.

- Tips are already included in your trip price for all specialty guides as well as your main host guide during this tour.
So there is no need to fret over how much to tip and of having the right amount of Mexican Pesos.

You just enjoy your trip and we will take care of the gratuities.

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