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Mexico Jungle Adventures – Millions Less Tourists Go Here then to Costa Rica

Ok, so you are thinking of scheduling a 7-10 day tropical vacation with your spouse, friends and/or family.

You have seen some movies like Romancing the Stone and TV shows like The Amazing Race where the actors/contestants were trekking through some very cool out-of-the-way jungle somewhere in the world. With those tropical scenes fresh in your memory, you jot down on paper that you definitely want to experience a hike through some rain forest, swim in crystal clear pools below tropical waterfalls hidden there, and just enjoy the “tropical experience.” Jungle Hike in Veracruz, MexicoNext, you make a decision that your vacation days are precious and you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of it on an airplane traveling half way around the world from North America to get there and then half way around the world again to get back home. So the decision is made to stay in the Western Hemisphere; to head south to warmer climates. Now your task is to make a list of places that have tropical rain forests and jungle waterfalls but without running into hoards of endless small and large foreign groups speaking every language except the local one. You don’t want to be vying for a natural massage under that inviting jungle waterfall with that German, Brazilian, Japanese, or loud obnoxious couple from the US who keep bickering with each other.  

Costa Rica?

Possibly the first place that comes to your mind is, oh yea … Costa Rica. Yea, that could be the place. You remember the contestants on The Amazing Race went there. So you check online to see where Costa Rica is located and find it is two countries away from South America. Hmmm. You are thinking it’s pretty far south. So you check the flight times and find that within 6-9 hours, you could be there from most places in the US and Canada. OK, not too bad.

Then you search to see about how crowded Costa Rica can get and find that last year (2016) almost 3 million people went there. YIKES!  You again take a look at that small country on your map and think, “That’s a hell-of-a-lot of people going there for such a small country considering only 5 million people live there.”

Your inquisitive mind starts to kick into overdrive and so you grab a calculator to divide 3 million tourists by 12 months and realize that that is one quarter of a million tourists traveling to that tiny country each month. Wait a minute! Hold the phone! What the … That’s 250,000 tourists tramping through the jungles and countryside of tiny Costa Rica EACH MONTH! All of a sudden, even though you are looking at great tropical photos of that country online, you start wondering if you really want to cope with the masses of other tourists from around the world who too are looking at those same online photos and talking to their local travel agent about a trip there. In fact, EVERY travel agent in Canada, the US, and Europe most likely have travel brochures for sending their clients to Costa Rica. Then you find out that lots of cruise ships dump people off there as well. “No wonder it is so crowded!” you say out loud to yourself. You sigh as you cross Costa Rica off your list and then ask, “OK, where else?”  

South America?

“Maybe some place in South America might work?” “No,” you surmise. That would mean lots of vacation time on the plane just to get there and back.  

Then you thought, “Hey, what about Mexico?”



“How about the Caribbean coast near Cancun?” So you check it out online and discover that almost 10 million tourists came to Cancun and the Riviera Maya in 2016.  Divided by 12 months, that’s more than 800,000 people roaming around each month. You then remember your cousin, Amy who had gone there will her husband many times. They had said they liked it because they can just stay on the resort property, enjoy the pool and the ocean. Plus, everyone there speaks English and the all-inclusiveness means they can drink all day. “No thanks,” you say to yourself. Cancun and the Riviera Maya seemed just way too commercialized and of course, way too crowded. How can any place be so natural when 800,000 tourists a month are running all over Mexico’s Caribbean coast?  

Googling on YouTube

Next you come up with the idea to Google, “YouTube Hidden Mexico Jungle Adventures.” Lo and behold, you run across this YouTube video entitled, Jungle Adventures in Mexico Revealed. Wow! That’s just what you are looking for! So you click on the link and watch this 9 minute and 21 second video hosted by some guy named Mike Vondruska from Chicago.

Veracruz, Mexico

You find out that he claims the place to go in Mexico is in the southern part of the state of Veracruz. You listen to him as he flashes photos of waterfalls and jungle scenes. This Vondruska guy also states that the reason he knows about this area is that he lived there for many years and has traveled throughout this tropical rain forested area. PLUS, he says that NOT MANY PEOPLE GO THERE! In fact, he states that it is very possible people would not see ANY OTHER FOREIGN TOURISTS while they are exploring the area. “Very interesting,” So you checked out his website at DiscoverVeracruzTours and found a fun family-oriented tour as well as another 7 day tropical tour to this area. You look on Tripadvisor and saw that this company has good reviews. After further due diligence including contacting this Vondruska guy in the video with questions, you decide to make a reservation with his company.   Sooooo …. the point to this story is …. Veracruz, Mexico is still pristine, still natural, and most importantly, still void of thousands and millions of tourists. How long will this last? Who knows. However, for now, vacationing in Veracruz, Mexico is still THE REAL TROPICAL DEAL with Millions of Less Visitor per year than Costa Rica and Cancun!  So now you know. The Hidden Jungle Adventures in Mexico has now been Revealed.

These adventures are found in the state of Veracruz, Mexico!

  Mike has 2 travel websites with locally guided Mexico adventure and cultural travel tours. www.DiscoverVeracruzTours.com        www.MexicoVacationTours.com