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Mexico Getaway vs. Winter

Hmmm … Mexico Getaway vs. Winter. If old man winter is overstaying his welcome where you live, then you might want to think about a México Getaway. Mike Vondruska (lead designer for excellent México exploration experiences) talks about two different types of México Getaways. For those that yearn to book a trip to one of the awesome all-inclusive mega resorts found on México’s Caribbean or Pacific beaches, then he suggests you find a trusted local travel agent to help with the planning. They usually have the right information to get you a nice package deal. If on the other hand, you consider yourself to be an explorer who would like to experience México’s many diverse cultures, it’s history, excellent foods, colonial cities, and fun outdoor activities, then you may want to contact Mexico Vacation Tours to discuss your options based on your interests and amount of exploring time (aka: vacation days) you have available. Here is a great México Getaway Destination Explore México City Fly to: México City Airport (MEX) # of Getaway Days: 3-7 3 Interesting Facts about México City – México City is home to over 150 museums. Only London, England has a few more. Click here for a list of the more popular México City museums. – Of all the Latin America cities, each year, México City is the most visited by foreigners. – Most of México City was built over a huge lake. When Spaniard, Hernán Cortés arrived on November 8, 1519, it was the Aztec capital city called, Tenochtitlán. Montezuma was its great leader.
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