In almost all the places found on our different tour itineraries, US dollars and other foreign currencies are not accepted.

You will need to exchange your money for Mexican Pesos.

No problem . . .
There are ATMs and money exchange businesses in all the major cities and bigger towns throughout México.

Some exceptions of locations where your home country’s currency may be used might be at the beach resort areas on our BEST OF MEXICO / BEACH RESORT combo tours. However, even at these places, it would be best to use Mexican Pesos as you will most likely get a better price on the goods and
services you are purchasing rather than using your own country’s currency.

Contrary to the advertisements that tell you major credit cards are always accepted worldwide, that is not necessary true in México.

Major Credit Cards from a Non-Mexican Bank are
Sometimes Not Accepted in México.

Yes, many places do accept them … but not all.

Remember . . .

Cash is King in México. And the cash should be in Mexican Pesos.