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Meet Our Typical Travel Guest

Below you will find 11 Common Attributes which will give you a general idea of the type of traveler who join us on our México exploration tours.

Also, here is a helpful article to help you determine your vacation style.

Are You a Tourist or a Traveler?

Then take a moment to ask yourself if you think you are a Tourist or a Traveler.

This will help you to determine if one of our guided tours is right for you.


1.Our traveler guests are Curious and Adventurous.
2. They enjoy up-close encounters with the local people.
3. They are usually already well-traveled.
4. They range in ages from young to older.
5. Walking several miles each day is not a problem for them.

6. They are in good health and are already active in their daily lives.

7. They look at travel as an education and an awakening of the senses.

8. They generally ask a lot of questions and have most likely already “studied-up” before their trip on where they are going and its background history.

9. They understand that sometimes stuff happens and that on-the-fly tweaks to their tour itinerary may occur. They roll with the punches and know that unexpected events can sometimes be the best memories from
their trip.

10. They love having each day be a mix of guided exploration and also of free time to explore on their

11. They are more interested in what’s OUTSIDE their hotel than the thread count of their hotel bed sheets.
“Clean & Comfortable” is just fine with them.

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