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The writer who nominated Costa Rica as a family destination listed the main reasons for going because of the opportunities to zipline, walk over hanging bridges, visit a volcano, surf, whitewater river raft, hike, observe wildlife, and hang out on beaches. This writer also goes on to say that there are two airports to fly into when coming to Costa Rica. Now compare the above description with what another writer stated about México. They listed México as a great family attraction because of the gorgeous coastline, great weather, kid-friendly eateries, and welcoming locals. Then this writer went on to talk about the all-inclusive resort, the Hard Rock Hotel (Cancun/Riviera Maya) where little kids interact with the cartoon characters, Barney and Angelina Ballerina. Older kids learn to play guitar and also learn to electronically mix music. And with the kids gone for the day on these activities, the parents will have their own time to drink tropical cocktails all day by the beach and stare out into the sea. So to Recap … Costa Rica – Great family adventures in nature / 2 international airports México – Separate the kids from the adults and each do their own thing in a private all-inclusive beach resort. OK, now let’s take a closer look at country size. The size of Costa Rica is 19,730 sq miles (51,100 sq km). costa-rica-map   The size of México is 761,600 sq miles (1,972,550 sq km). mexico-map In other words,  México is almost 39 times larger than Costa Rica. That’s a huge difference in size and yet according to these writers, Costa Rica has all these great outdoor family activities and even though México is 39 times bigger, the writer only lists all-inclusive resorts for families to go to visit on its “sun & sand” coastal locations. That would be like saying the only locations in the United States for family vacations is to go to Florida’s beaches and never mention anything about mountain adventures in the western states, exploring the Great Lakes areas, visiting the Smoky Mountain region, or any of the other great US locations that would make for an excellent family vacation. Would you not think that the country of México which is 39 times bigger than the country of Costa Rica and has 25 times more airports (50) to fly into than Costa Rica would have at least a few more locations than just their coastal all-inclusive beach resorts to be considered as a family destination? México Has A Variety of Many Family Travel Destinations! As a person who has had the opportunity to explore 25 of México’s 32 states, I can say from first-hand knowledge, that there are many, many locations in México where parents and their kids could have a great family togetherness experience. Here are just 2 of the many places I would recommend for The Best MEXICO Family Destinations.  


Travel with your family to a lush tropical (and mountainous) well-kept secret area of México unknown to most foreigners which is located on the eastern Gulf coast of México. In the state of Veracruz your kids will learn that there is not always a McDonalds nearby or for that matter, in some rural areas, no internet service. And it is very likely during your guided family adventure tour, you may not see any other foreigner travelers. It will be a true “México Experience.” An important FYI … you will not find any all-inclusive resorts in the state of Veracruz. 
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Here are 15 Activities you can experience with your family in Veracruz
  • Whitewater River Rafting (class 2-4) Veracruz is known for its excellent rafting
  • Hiking in a rain forest jungle (yes, Costa Rica is not the only place you can do that)
  • Take an ocean boat ride to visit a secret pirate cave and view hundreds of tropical birds on an island
  • See the colorful and noisy Macaws fly overhead
  • Spot Howler & Spider Monkeys in the wild
  • Have a private lunch with a local family in a tropical jungle village
  • Learn about how coffee is planted, harvested, dried, and made
  • Visit archaeological ruins
  • Stay in a luxury tent-camp in the tropical wilderness (Like the cool tent camps you see on African safaris)
  • Zipline over a tropical river
  • Travel on ATV’s up and over sand dunes by the beach
  • Fun Sandboarding down tall dunes
  • Swim in tropical waterfalls
  • Visit a local outdoor market
  • Explore the largest Sea Aquarium in Latin America
How Do You Get There? Aeromexico has direct flights from México City to the city of Veracruz (50 minutes) United Airlines flies direct from Houston, Texas to the city of Veracruz (2 hours) Who has a Family Vacation Tour in Veracruz? Discover Veracruz Tours has a 7 day family exploration vacation. Tropical Veracruz Mexico Family Vacation  

Baja California Sur

For a very fun México family vacation, travel to the westernMéxico peninsula state of Baja California Sur. Fall, winter, and spring are the best times to go. This is a great México location to bring your extended family as there are things to do for all ages. On the western side of this arid peninsula, you will find the shimmering Pacific Ocean and on the eastern side, the Sea of Cortés. The Bohemian artisan town of Todos Santos on the Pacific side and the picturesque town of La Paz on the Sea of Cortés side are located near to excellent outdoor adventures for the whole family.
Here are 12 Activities you can experience with your family in Baja California Sur
  • Sea Kayaking on the Sea of Cortes
  • Horseback Riding on the Beach
  • Desert Hiking
  • Star Gazing
  • Whale Watching (January – early April)
  • Family Surf Lessons
  • Mexican Survival Cooking Class
  • Snorkeling with Sea Lions
  • Shopping at the many Artisan Galleries
  • Picnic Lunch on the Beach
  • Beach Exploration
  • Take a Siesta under the Warm Desert Sun
How Do You Get There? There are direct flights from many US cities to Cabo San Lucas International Airport Who has a Family Vacation Tour in Baja California Sur? You can find a 7 day tour with Mexico Vacation Tours Baja Mexico Family Fun Adventure Week For more México family vacation ideas that could include visiting more ancient ruins, meeting local indigenous people, water skiing without a boat, petting giraffes, waterfall jumping, adventure riding in all-terrain Jeeps, learning how chocolate is made, horseback trail rides down into rocky canyons, swimming in cenotes,  watch (from a distance) a volcano erupt (sometimes several times a day) and more … contact México Vacation Tours to help custom design a great México vacation for your family. So once again to recapCosta Rica does have many adventures and activities to do as a family just as the writer listed. It is a definitely a good family destination. However, México has so much more to offer than just a resort on the beach with a drink in your hand and Barney playing with your young kids. Go ahead and check out ALL that México has to offer as a family adventure vacation destination. I think you will be pleasantly surprised! MexicoVacationTours.com is owned and operated by Discover Veracruz Tours LLC